Is a brush guard worth it?

A well built brush guard will protect the front of the vehicle from damage caused by brush when off road. It will also help minimize the impact of a collision with a small to medium sized animal. If you hit a cow, or a moose, or another vehicle, it’s not going to do anything.

Does a brush guard affect mpg?

MVT Solutions, a provider of fuel economy testing and design and development services for the trucking industry, has reported that its evaluation of two grille guard models indicates they provide protection from front end damage to a truck while having “little to no negative impact on the truck’s overall fuel …

Do grill guards do anything?

A Grille Guard May Better Protect You in an Accident with an Animal. Studies have shown that a grill guard can prevent major structural damage depending on the speed traveled and a particular animal’s size (for instance, one normal-sized deer struck at a moderate rate of speed).

Whats the purpose of a grill guard?

Whether you like off-roading, use your truck for work, or just want a little extra protection, a grill guard is an excellent option. They are designed to protect the front of your truck, especially your grill and lights from debris. Formed of tubular steel, these guards are heavy duty.

What does a grille guard do?

No matter the name, a grille guard serves the same purpose: to keep your truck’s front-end preserved in case of an accident. If deer. bulls, moose, or kangaroos jump out in front of your vehicle, a grille guard can keep your front-end intact.

What’s the point of a grill guard?

How much does a grille guard weight?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Westin
Model ‎Westin HDX Grille Guard
Item Weight ‎133 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎84 x 36 x 28 inches
Item model number ‎57-2505

How much does a grill guard cost?

As you can see grille guards come in a range of prices. Simple ones may be available at under $200 but if you’re looking for a more extensive unit, expect to pay at least somewhere in the $500 range.