Is a 2 PC setup better for streaming?

Two Can Be Better Than One Though you can stream and play a game from one modern PC, a dual streaming setup allows for a better distribution of the workload, freeing up one system to run the game, and the other to be responsible for encoding the video for streaming.

What is needed for 2 PC streaming?

For Dual PC streaming, you’ll need:

  • Two PCs, one more GPU intensive (gaming), preferably with NVIDIA RTX 3000 graphics and the other more CPU intensive (streaming), preferably with a multicore processor like Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5000.
  • Two monitors (or more) since you’ll need at least one display for each PC.

How do I setup 2 computers?

Step 1: Connect two Computers using an ethernet cable. Step 2: Click on Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center. Step 3: Click on option Change Advanced Sharing Settings in the upper-left side of the window. Step 4: Turn on file sharing.

Does my streaming PC need a GPU?

* No Graphics Card: This PC does not need a lot of graphical power. As a matter of fact, you could easily get by without a graphics card and simply choose a CPU with an integrated graphics processor. As long as you don’t plan to use this as a secondary gaming rig, you just need graphical power to output to a monitor.

Is a dual PC setup worth it?

The benefits of having a dual PC set-up are as follows: Streaming isn’t as harsh for your main gaming computer. You can stream with better video quality. If you are using a capture card, you can use higher game settings and at 1080p (rather than 720p) without worrying about losing performance.

Do streamers use 2 pcs?

There are mainly two ways to build a streaming system, one is the single computer setup which means the streamers play games and stream it through a single computer. And the other one requires two computers as they take the task of gaming and streaming separately.

Do most streamers use 2 PCs?

Is CPU or GPU more important for streaming?

The GPU is the most important component for gaming, but it’s also used for streaming, though not as much as the CPU. On a gaming PC, this component typically costs more than any other, and for good reason.

Should I stream using CPU or GPU?

It’s better to stream using GPU if you plan to stream directly from your gaming computer; however, if you can afford a dual PC setup you can get formidable results through software encoding on a dual PC setup. This option is helpful for games that use a lot of processing power.

Do you need a capture card for dual PC streaming?

You need a capture device to grab the game footage coming from your gaming PC. Either an external model or an internal PCIe card will do.

How do I get a dual-PC stream set up?

Getting a dual-PC stream set up comes in two parts. The first is setting up the hardware so your stream PC can collect the video and audio output from your gaming PC. To make life as easy as possible, if you want multiple displays set up to display things like your streaming dashboard or social media feeds.

How do I connect my headphones to my PC to stream?

After the capture card is ready to use, plug the headphones into the stream machine. Then, in a streaming suite like OBS*, select the audio from the USB cable coming from the capture card that’s attached to the gaming PC. You’ll know it works when you can hear your game.

How do I Accessorize my 2 PC stream setup?

There is no right or wrong way to accessorize your 2 PC stream setup. It can be as simple as gameplay with a voice overlay, or as involved as using a mixer to connect your microphone to both PCs as well as a complex green screen setup.

What software do I need to stream on a gaming PC?

Once you’ve assembled your hardware, including your gaming PC and streaming PC, you’ll need to start rounding up software — including streaming software. For first-timers, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) * is easy to navigate, and equipped with what you need to help facilitate a two-computer stream setup.