Is 2PM popular in Japan?

Idol group 2PM are enjoying an unexpected resurgence in popularity in Japan and Korea. According to its agency JYP Entertainment on Friday, the group’s latest album “The Best of 2PM in Japan 2011-2016” topped the Oricon Albums Chart and Tower Records Daily Sales Chart on Thursday.

When was 2PM last comeback?

Korean all-boys band 2PM’s last album was released back in 2016 and the band is finally making its comeback after 5 long years. Most of the members of the band have completed their mandatory 2-year military service and are now ready to get back on track and release their new album.

Is SHINee famous in Japan?

SHINee amazingly filled the venue both days, further proving their high status in popularity in Japan. The preceding text is a direct translation by Koreaboo of TV Report Kim Yena’s article and OPed, reporting from Tokyo, Japan. SM Entertainment’s strategy was absolute from the start.

What happened to Nichkhun?

Nichkhun ‘Khun’ Horvejkul. Khun, the only Thai member of the Korean boyband 2PM, was involved in an accident with a motorcycle early on Tuesday morning as he made his way home from a function in Seoul. The young singer hit a motorcycle at an intersection not far from his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 2.30am.

Is 2PM comeback successful?

Korean boy-band 2PM is riding on the success of their comeback album ‘MUST’ after a hiatus of almost five years since September 2016. With the new milestone, the album has also secured a higher place than their iconic 2016 album ‘Gentlemen’s Game’ which had previously sold 21,477 copies in its first week.

Why did JYP terminate Jay Park?

He returned to South Korea in 2010 after the situation had cooled down and fans demanded his return to the group. However, in a classic plot twist, JYP Entertainment announced that Jay Park’s contract with them had been terminated, citing a separate “personal mistake” that he had made in 2009.

Is Jay Park Korean Enhypen?

Park Jong-seong (Hangul: 박종성, Japanese: パク・ジョンソン), more well known by his stage name Jay (Hangul: 제이, Japanese: ジェイ), is a member of the South Korean boy group ENHYPEN.

What is the history of 2PM?

The history of 2PM started when Korean musician Park Jin Young formed an eleven-member band known as One Day. Eventually the band was split into 2PM and a similar but independent group known as 2AM. 2PM debuted with the song “10 Jeom Manjeome 10 Jeom” (10점 만점에 10점, lit. “10 Points Out of 10 Points”), which showcased their acrobatic dance styles.

How many international travelers visit Japan each year?

Instead, only ~4 million international travelers visited Japan. Economists fear a “double dip” recession in Japan due to the prolonged state of emergency. Decreased tourism plus falling exports, an increased consumption tax, reduced consumer spending, and growing national debt.

How many fans attended 2PM’s first concert in Seoul?

More than 12,000 fans attended 2PM’s first concerts in Seoul. 2PM performed all their hit-songs since 2008 plus solo performance from each member. 2PM held two encore concerts in Seoul on 4–5 September to celebrate their second anniversary.

How did the members of 2PM become part of JYP?

The members of 2PM all auditioned (except Nichkhun, who was scouted) to become part of JYP Entertainment. Some members already had experience in the entertainment industry, including Jun. K, who had won several singing competitions. Ok Taecyeon, Lee Junho and Hwang Chansung had participated in the show SuperStar Survival.