How to build a bookcase?

First,choose a location for your bookcase and determine the size that best fits your needs.

  • With your dimensions in hand,you are ready to cut the top,sides,and interior shelves out of 3/4” birch plywood.
  • Use a miter saw to cut the top,side panels and interior shelves to the appropriate length.
  • How to build a built-in Bookshelf?

    Determine the measurements for the shelves,and mark them on the plywood with a straightedge.

  • Use a radial-arm saw or a circular saw to cut rabbet joints into the ends of the top shelf.
  • Mark the location for the center shelf,and use the pegboard as a template for drilling holes for adjustable shelves.
  • How to build a pallet bookshelf?

    Make pallets and necessary tools available for work.

  • Sort out the pallets according to their sizes.
  • Add shelves in this frame according to the size of your books and seal them with glue and nails.
  • Fix pallets of 45” length with multiple width sizes at the back of the frame for making it secure from the back.
  • How to build a bookshelf chair?


  • Tools:
  • Let’s Start Building. I started by creating a base that is cut out of 4×8 sheet of plywood and built sides by using 2 x 2-inch pine.
  • Build the Foundation. In between 2 x 2’s I used 2 x 1-inch pieces of pine.
  • Create Support. Then I used more 2 x 1-inch pine to create support for a first story piece of plywood and secured it with pocket screws and wood
  • First Floor
  • Seating Area and Sides. I did not take any pictures of adding horizontal seating area piece but it is same size square piece of plywood like the base
  • Bookshelf Sides. Closeup of bookshelf slats and how pocket screws were used to interlock each piece of 2×2 pine to each other.
  • Top and Side View
  • Back Same As Sides
  • Slowly Coming Together With Sides and Back
  • Top Shelf. Next I cut out the plywood to fill in support for the all top three sides of the bookshelf chair.
  • Almost Done. Finally,we have pics of completed unpainted bookshelf chair.
  • Lets Paint. For the color,I had my wife choose the wild color of her choice.
  • Lets Wrap It Up. Finally,cushions where a custom made by my mother in law to tie it all up. Bring on the books and the reading enjoyment.