How much is a 1957 Mickey Mantle Topps card worth?

High-end copies of all vintage Mickey Mantle cards are all seeing strong market action over the past few years. This past weekend, a PSA 9 1957 Topps Mickey Mantle went for $48,373. That’s more than double what the auction house sold one for a couple of years ago. Six years ago, they sold one for $7,502.

How much is a Brooks Robinson rookie card worth?

Brooks Robinson Baseball Trading Card Values

1957 Topps #328 Brooks Robinson
1961 Topps #572 Brooks Robinson $67.94
1961 Topps Stamps Inserts #104 Brooks Robinson $20.51 $15.02
1962 Post #29 Brooks Robinson $4.75 $7.65
1962 Post Canadian #29 Brooks Robinson $30.07

What comes in a Topps complete set?

Every 2020 Topps Baseball Complete Factory Set box contains all 350 base cards from Series 1 and all 350 base cards from Series 2. These come in a deluxe corrugated mailer. No matter which format you purchase, each box has the entire 700-card set.

How much is a mint condition Willie Mays rookie card worth?

Average Selling Price: $93,412 (Mint 9) The 1951 Bowman #305 is the official Willie Mays rookie card. It is generally considered a beautiful card from a beautiful set. Given his playing career and that this is his rookie, the 1951 Bowman #305 is one of the more expensive cards in the hobby.

What did Mickey Mantle do in 1957?

In 1956, Mantle won the Major League’s Triple Crown when he batted . In 1957, he batted . 365 with 34 home runs and 94 RBIs. Wins Above Replacement is a powerful statistic that takes into account everything that a player accomplishes.

How much is Lou Brock baseball card worth?

Lou Brock Baseball Trading Card Values

1962 Topps #387 Lou Brock
1971 Dell Todays Team Stamps #268 Lou Brock $3.03
1971 Topps #625 Lou Brock $23.95
1971 Topps Coins Inserts #87 Lou Brock
1971 Topps Super #25 Lou Brock $4.99

How many cards are in the Topps 2021 set?

Topps presents the Target Exclusive 2021 MLB Complete Set! Each box contains 660 MLB trading cards encompassing both series 1 & 2.

What is a factory set of cards?

Factory Set refers to a specific distribution method of baseball cards. Rather than being released into packs at random, a full set is placed in one box and sold for one price. The first factory sets appeared in the 1980’s based on the success of selling hand collated sets in order by mail catalogs.

What kind of baseball cards are in the 1957 Topps set?

The 1957 Topps Baseball Card Set. The 1957 Topps baseball set offers several firsts, lots of rarities, and a large, evergrowing collector base. This popular set includes the rookie card of Brooks Robinson, the last regular issue card of Roy Campanella, and a card of Henry Aaron showing Hammerin’ Hank batting lefthanded.

Who was in the 1957 Topps Rookie class?

The 1957 Topps rookie class includes: #18 Don Drysdale, #35 Frank Robinson, #328 Brooks Robinson and #338 Jim Bunning. CLICK HERE if you want to sell your 1957 Topps Baseball Cards. Showing 1 to 100 of 434 products.

Why did Topps change the size of baseball cards?

With competitor Bowman dead and buried, Topps for some reason decided to emulate all of the bad habits that had doomed Bowman. Starting in 1957, Topps adopted the smaller Bowman size (which is now the standard) and started using a cheaper grade of cardstock.

Why is the ’52-56 Topps card set so unpopular?

The design has little of the artistry found in the ‘52-56 Topps sets. Photos are often blurry. In spite of this, this is an historic set, with many great rookies and the first ever multi-player cards (#400 Dodgers sluggers & #407 Mantle/Berra).