How much horsepower can a Lenco transmission handle?

The CS1 Standard Design LENCO is recommended for the most severe applications and is capable of repeatable consistency with a minimum of maintenance. Engineered to handle 3500+ HP the Standard Design LENCO is available with up to 5 speeds and comes in a cast magnesium case.

Can you run a Lenco transmission on the street?

The Ultimate Race Transmission Can Now Be Used On The Street. See all 46 photos Aside from its awesome appearance, the Lenco Street five-speed transmission offers Pro Street enthusiasts the capability of racing as well as driving their vehicles on the street.

Is there a 2 speed transmission?

Installation of two-speed transmissions implies their placement on the driving axle between the traction motor and the main transmission. The transmission has two forward gears and one reverse gear, a neutral position, and the possibility of semi-automatic gear shifting.

How does a 2 speed transmission work?

To shift gears in this transmission, you move a clutch plate sideways so that it locks together with one or the other of the two gears on the output shaft. The gears can spin freely on the output shaft: they do not transmit any power directly.

What is a Lenco drive?

The Lencodrive is the shortest and lightest torque converter driven transmission available anywhere. The Lencodrive comes as a 2 speed with reverse. You can expand to 3 or 4 speeds by addition of additional cases. The 2 speed, including reverse, bellhousing and lining weighs approximately 108 lbs.

Did Ford make a 2 speed transmission?

The Ford-O-Matic two-speed transmission was introduced in 1959. A simplified version of the Cruise-O-Matic, it combined a torque connector and a compound planetary gear set.

Did Ford make a 2 speed automatic?

Developed as a three-speed automatic, the Ford-O-Matic used a cast-iron case and would normally be started in second gear. For this reason, you often see the Ford-O-Matic referred to as a two-speed, although the only actual two-speed units were produced from 1959-’64, and they had aluminum cases.

What does a 2 speed mean?

two-speed in British English adjective. (of a transmission system) having two settings. (of an economic system) allowing one sector to grow at a faster rate than another.

Why are Powerglides good for racing?

The Powerglide has just two speeds: low and high. And its durability allows it to run 100 to 150 races before needing a rebuilding that takes only two hours, Coughlin says. “It’s bulletproof, simple and easy to customize,” he says.

What kind of transmissions do the street outlaws use?

Most racers are going to prefer using manual over automatic because of the control they have and because they’re less likely to slip. Chuck has a 2-speed transmission, and Big Chief is running a 3-speed in The Crow.

What is the best Lenco transmission for me?

The Lenco CS1 2 Speed design is our largest and strongest transmission. We recommended the CS1 2 Speed transmission for use in ultra-demand applications such as Supercharged Alcohol Funny Cars and High-HP/High-Torque Pro Mod cars. The CS1 transmission is available with up to five speeds and offers your choice of 19 first gear ratios.

What is a Lenco CS1 transmission?

The Lenco CS1 transmission will control up to 4000+ HP. Shafts are available in Marage or 300M material. As with all Lenco transmissions, the CS1 is based on individual 2 speed planetary units with additional speeds being achieved through utilization of multiple 2 speed units.

How does the Lenco first gear launch ratio work?

In order to achieve an underdrive first gear launch ratio the LENCO transmission relys on planet gears which rotate around the sun gear. Each sun and planet gearset provides two speeds. Those two speeds are (1) the lower underdrive ratio and (2) the direct 1:1 final lock-up drive ratio.

Are Lenco couplers made from aircraft quality steel?

Available in single o.. Lenco couplers are machined from 8620 aircraft quality steel and heat treated for for severe duty se.. The Lenco Racing gear reduction unit, when used in conjunction with our CS1, CS2, CS3, or CS4 t.. Lenco Racing machines our input shafts from 300M and Marage stock.