How much geogrid do I need?

To determine the number of rolls needed, multiply the length of your wall (in feet) by the number of layers needed, and then divide by 50 (the length of a roll of AB Reinforcement Geogrid).

How long does geogrid need to be?

For most man-made retaining wall block, geogrid becomes desired at exposed wall heights of 36″-48″, depending on the block design (and size), whether there’s a surcharge at the top of the wall, if there’s a slope at the base of the wall, as well as a few other considerations.

What is the difference between geogrid and geotextile?

Differences Between Geogrids and Geotextiles Geotextiles are manufactured for separation, filtration, and drainage purposes, whereas geogrids are specifically manufactured as a reinforcement material. However, the geotextile can allow the free movement of water from the soil into the aggregate layer, and vice versa.

How much is a roll of geogrid?

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Number of Units Price Per Unit
1+ $1,106.08
2+ $784.08
3+ $687.00
10+ $588.01

Do I need geogrid for 3 foot retaining wall?

Wall Heights that Require Geogrid Soil Reinforcement Generally, most VERSA-LOK units need geogrid for walls taller than three to four feet. If there are steep slopes near the wall, loading above the wall, tiered walls or poor soils, then even shorter walls may need geogrid.

What are geogrid layers?

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material, made of polymers, that is used to reinforce soil behind retaining walls. Installed in horizontal layers between wall courses and extending into the soil behind a wall, geogrid stabilizes the soil and so increases a wall system’s mass and stability.

How wide is geogrid?

It is available in 4-ft. wide by 50-ft long rolls (22 sq. yd. per roll.)