How much does Real Madrid earn?

In the 2019/2020 season, the operating revenues of Real Madrid CF declined by 5.5 percent over the previous period. However, the total amount remained above 700 million euros. Real Madrid is one of the most prestigious soccer clubs worldwide.

How much are Real Madrid players worth?

Real Madrid

# player Market value
1 Thibaut Courtois Goalkeeper €65.00m
13 Andriy Lunin Goalkeeper €2.00m
3 Éder Militão Centre-Back €60.00m
4 David Alaba Centre-Back €55.00m

How much was Ronaldo salary at Real Madrid?

26.52 million GBP (2022)
Cristiano Ronaldo/Salary

How much is varane weekly wage?

Reported Manchester United Player Salaries – 2021/22 Premier League Season

Player Age Weekly Salary
Raphael Varane 28 £340,000
Paul Pogba 28 £290,000
Edinson Cavani 34 £250,000
Anthony Martial 25 £250,000

Is Real Madrid profitable?

Real Madrid also showed post-tax profits, with a balance of 874,000 euros, having ended the 2019/20 year with a profit of 313,000 euros. “The club are one of very few big European clubs to have not incurred losses over the last two years,” the club wrote.

How much does Juventus make a year?

Juventus FC revenue by stream 2019/20 In 2018/2019 it amounted to 185.6 million euros. Serie A is the highest national football league in Italy and among the most popular first division football leagues in Europe. In 2017/2018, Serie A ranked fourth in. Juventus FC had the highest market value among Serie A teams.

Who is Real Madrid most valuable player?

Most expensive team (Market value: €545.00m)

# player Market value
1 Thibaut Courtois goalkeeper €60.00m
4 David Alaba defence €55.00m
23 Ferland Mendy defence €50.00m
3 Éder Militão defence €40.00m

How much did Barcelona pay for Messi?

41 million USD (2022)
Lionel Messi/Salary

What is Phil Foden salary?

624,000 GBP (2021)
Phil Foden/Salary

Who are the best Real Madrid players?

1) Cristiano Ronaldo. 2) Zinédine Zidane. 3) Raúl González Blanco. 4) Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima. 5) Alfredo di Stéfano. 6) Iker Casillas. 7) David Beckham. 8) Roberto Carlos. 9) Mesut Özil. 10) Ruud van Nistelrooy.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary per week?

Cristiano Ronaldo will reportedly earn roughly $663,000 per week with Juventus, or roughly $35 million per year. The total cost of the transfer is nearly $400 million ($117 million for the transfer and $281 million in salary and taxes). According to Forbes, Ronaldo earned a total of $109 million in 2019.

Who are the captains of Real Madrid?

Sergio Ramos is officially Real Madrid captain, but was named alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Marcelo in a photo with president Florentino Perez .

What soccer team is Real Madrid?

Real Madrid, in full Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, byname Los Blancos (Spanish: “the White”), Spanish professional football (soccer) club based in Madrid. Playing in all-white uniforms, which led to its nickname “Los Blancos,” Real Madrid is one of the world’s best-known teams, with fans in many countries.