How much does Comcast charge for a technician?

The normal fee for new service installed by a technician is $59.99. You might be able to get a free install by ordering online or if you order over the phone and there is a special for installations.

Will Comcast send a technician?

We do offer the option to install your own Xfinity services whenever possible, but there are times when a professional installation is required. If an address has not had Xfinity service for the past 12 months, a technician will have to check that the cable line is properly fitted and delivering a signal.

Does Xfinity install Internet for free?

New Xfinity cable TV subscribers are eligible for a free installation kit when they bundle internet service with television. Current Xfinity TV customers are also eligible if they add an internet bundle. Your residence has never had Xfinity service before, meaning a technician will need to install a cable line.

Do I need a technician to install my internet?

Depending on the internet provider and plan you get, you can install your new internet package by doing it yourself or by hiring a professional technician to do it for you. When you choose to self-install, your internet provider will send you an installation kit in the mail.

What do Xfinity technicians do?

From meeting new customers and installing the latest XFINITY products, to troubleshooting technical issues, as a valuable member of the team, you’ll build your talents while we work together to create a successful customer experience.

Is Xfinity technician free?

Comcast does not charge for service appointments to repair Comcast-owned facilities or equipment rented to you by Comcast. However, charges may apply for service appointments when the source of your service problem is not Comcast-owned facilities or equipment rented to you by Comcast.

How long does it take to get Comcast Internet installed?

Installation generally takes between two to four hours.

Does Comcast run wires for installation?

An underground cable line normally brings Xfinity services to your home. In most cases, these lines are installed when your home’s being built; however, in some instances, the line may not have been installed, or it could be damaged and needs to be replaced.

Will Comcast run a line to my house?

Do you tip Xfinity techs?

The worker who comes to your home to install your cable may work for the cable company directly, or might be an outside contractor. A tip for good service is often appreciated. “If he’s out there in the hot sun, maybe digging around under your house, you want to show him a gesture of kindness,” said Gottsman.

Does Comcast ever waive install fees?

Comcast provided a long statement explaining when it will waive the installation fee: For internet-only customers, we offer two options that do not require an in-home tech visit. A customer can use an Xfinity self-install kit with a modem leased from Comcast, or purchase his/her own modem.

How much is the Comcast service install fee?

Comcast is making it difficult for many new customers to avoid paying installation fees-even if they purchase their own modems and are willing to set them up themselves. Based on our tests, signing up for standalone Internet or TV service on often requires payment of a $59.99 or $89.99 installation fee, depending on where you live.

What is early termination fee for Comcast?

As a general rule, Comcast Business Early Termination Fees are 75% of the remaining amount of the contract.[1] That’s how you end up with horror stories of people with home offices getting charged $2,800 when they try to cancel service.

How much does it cost to cancel FiOS?

Furthermore, how much does it cost to cancel FiOS? Canceling the contract canresult in an early-termination fee (ETF) of up to $360, although Wilner said the ETF ispro-rated to drop $15 for each month a customer hasmaintained service. Secondly, what happens if I cancel FIOS?