How many levels is Chifley Tower?

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Who built Chifley Tower?

Kohn Pedersen Fox

Chifley Tower
Architect Kohn Pedersen Fox
Developer Bond Corporation Holdings Ltd & Kumagai Gumi

How many floors in Chifley?

43 floors
Chifley Tower is a landmark building on the Sydney skyline, along with the Governor Macquarie and Phillip towers on Bridge Street to the north. Sited on one of the highest points in the central business district, at 43 floors it is also the one of the city’s tallest buildings.

When was Chifley Tower built?

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How tall is the Chifley Tower?

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What makes Chifley Sydney’s most luxurious building?

A landmark in the Sydney skyline, Chifley towers over the city, built from quality materials of sandstone, marble and steel, the building exudes luxury and opulence with a grand scale lobby and stunning views over Sydney Harbour.

Where is Chifley plaza located?

The retail arcade located in the podium building is named “Chifley Plaza”. Located at 2 Chifley Square, its cross streets are Hunter, Philip and Bent Streets with the main entry being on Phillip Street. Due to its prominent location at the peak in the north-east CBD, the Tower has broad harbour views from its 42 storeys.

Why is Chifley Tower shaped the way it is?

Chifley Tower is built on an irregularly shaped plot. Due to the organic development of Sydney’s street pattern, the streets that run north from this area form a skewed grid that is aligned differently to the streets that run south from this area, which form another skewed grid.

How did Chifley Square get its name?

The southwestern corner of the plot became a pedestrian plaza, with a giant, two-dimensional sculpture of Ben Chifley, after whom the square is named. The building was originally named Bond Tower, after Alan Bond. After Bond’s bankruptcy, the building was acquired by Kumagai Gumi, and in 1993 was renamed Chifley Tower, after the square.