How many Beast Quest series books are there?

There are 22 in the series so far, including Riddle of the Raptors and The Planet of Peril. It might also be worth giving Horrible Histories by Terry Deary a go – historical fighting and gore, and loads of books to get stuck into. Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon series could be another hit.

What age are Beast Quest books for?

The series is published by Orchard Books in the UK and by Scholastic Corporation in the US and is aimed largely at boys aged 7 and over.

Who is the main character in Beast Quest?

Tom is the main protagonist of the Beast Quest series, alongside his best friend Elenna. Tom has saved many lands, as well as Avantia, with the aid of his allies and the Beasts themselves.

Who is Tom’s father in Beast Quest?

Taladon the Swift
At Where It all Began, it is revealed that Taladon the Swift, the presumed dead Master of the Beasts in Avantia, is Tom’s father.

Who is the main character of Beast Quest?

What is the best order to read the Beast Quest novels?

List of Beast Quest novels 1 Beast Quest main series in order 2 Special Bumper Editions 3 The Chronicles of Avantia series. 4 Battle of the Beasts series. 5 Sea Quest series. 6 Sea Quest Specials 7 Master Your Destiny series. 8 Companion books 9 Team Hero series 10 Team Hero Specials Plus d’articles…

How many Beast Quest books did Adam Blade write?

Here are the Beast Quest books Adam Blade has wrote- Beast Quest Series 1 Beast Quest 1. Ferno the Fire Dragon. 2. Sepron the Sea Serpent. 3. Arcta the Mountain Giant. 4. Tagus the Horse Man. 5. Nanook the Snow Monster. 6. Epos the Flame Bird. Special Bumper Edition. Vedra & Krimon: Twin Beasts of Avantia Series 2 Beast Quest: The Golden Armour 7.

What happens in the Battle of the Beasts series?

In the Battle of the Beasts series, the main protagonist, Tom, starts a training camp where he invites some people who have performed heroic acts to help protect Avantia from evil. Each book has a different hero who uses a different beast to defeat a controlled beast.

What is the Sea Quest series?

The Sea Quest series is a companion science fiction series that has a new protagonist who battles robotic creatures.