How far apart do you set up Kan Jam?

You and a partner stand at opposite kans (which are placed 50 feet apart in regulation play) and alternate throwing and deflecting the disc.

What material is Kan Jam made of?

polypropylene material
The Kan Jam Game Set includes 2 highly portable official Kan Jam Goals, 2 official Kan Jam Labels, custom designed official flying disc and instructions of the game. Made from durable polypropylene material, this frisbee disc is perfect for players aged 9 years and above.

How big is the hole for can jam?

I’m not sure what the official Kan Jam measurements are but I cut a 16″ x 3″ hole centered on the plastic and 4″ from the top. That’s small enough to be a real challenge.

How do you store Kan Jam?

Kan Jam will lay flat on the ground. Can be stored under a bed — in a closet. Each Kan is about 1/4 inch wide so both Kan’s together is takes up less than an inch of space.

What happens if you go over 21 in Kan Jam?

A team must reach an exact score of 21 points to win. If a given throw results in points that raise a team’s total score above 21, the points from that play are deducted from their current score and play continues.

What is the hammer in Kan Jam?

throw last
The right to throw last is called having The Hammer. Choosing to throw last (The Hammer) is generally considered to be an advantage, similar to having “last bats” in baseball.

Can you use any Frisbee for Kan Jam?

Only the official KanJam flying disc shall be used in game play. All other flying discs are not permitted in official games. Only one flying disc is used in game play; both teams will use the same disc.

Does Kan Jam fold up?

I love Kan Jam and have always played with the plastic original game. I got annoyed when i would pick friends up and they would bring the game because it did not fold up easily. I purchased this brand due to the ease of pack and go.

How big is the slot in KanJam?

50 feet
With the Kan Jam Illuminate Kit, you can easily see both the goal and the Instant Win slot from 50 feet, which is the official Kan Jam distance.

Can you use 2 hands in Kan Jam?

2. surface before striking the Goal. 3. No score will result if deflector double-hits, catches, carries the Disc, or uses 2 hands to deflect.

Can you kick the Frisbee in Kan Jam?

Can you use your feet or leg to deflect the Kan Jam disc? In our years of watching and playing Kan Jam, we’ve seen almost every body part used to defect a Kan Jam disc. As long as you do not double-tap the disc, you can use whatever part of your body is necessary to deflect.

What are the rules for Kan Jam?

According to the official KanJam rules, all male players over the age of 12 must throw from behind the kan’s front edge (women and boys under 12 have the option of standing 10 feet closer). No part of the body can cross that line.

How to play Kan Jam?

KanJam is similar to any other outdoors game. The objective of the game is to earn points by tossing and slipping the flying disc into the garbage can.

  • We can have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 players,two people in each team. Both male and female can participate in KanJam.
  • The Frisbee mustn’t fall on the ground before slipping/hitting the can; if this happens,you won’t get any point.
  • Each team gets the same proportion of rounds. For instance,if your team begins and earns 21 points first,then the other team can tie.
  • You need 21 points altogether to win. So either you get 21 points,or you swing the disc in such a way that it goes round the opening of the
  • What is Kan Jam game?

    KanJam (sometimes spelled kanjam or Kan-Jam) is a flying disc game, played with a flying disc and two cans in which you deflect the disc. The KanJam company is based in western New York.