How do you unlock everything in Prototype 2?

Complete all story missions on any difficulty to unlock the New Game + option in the main menu. In New Game + all previously obtained upgrades and evolution levels will be retained, and is available for all difficulties.

Where can I find Lincoln in Prototype 2?

Lincoln can be found in the military base in the eastern part of the red zone and his approximate location is [750, 215].

Where is the lair in Linden Park?

You can find the lair in the alley between skyscrapers.

How do you get armor in Prototype 2?

The Armor and Blade powers are unlocked after a few missions with Dr. Bradley Ragland, who helped Alex remove a debilitating parasitic organism in Alex’s back. Doing so allowed Alex to gain said powers. The Armor provides an alternative to the Shield.

How do I find the agent Griffin in Prototype 2?

Hunting agent Griffin

  1. In order to start this mission, you have to get to location [565, 377], specifically to the shiny circle on the ground near the building’s entrance.
  2. As you probably remember, it is best to start the hunt with getting to the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in the area.

Is Alex Mercer dead in Prototype 2?

PROTOTYPE 2 Alex Mercer is dead from the first Game. As we all saw at the final of the first Prototype, Alex died and somehow he appeared again, and we thought he survived. Well no, that isn’t Alex at all, that is the Blacklight virus which took Alex’s body and he controls all the mind.

How do you unlock armor in Prototype 2?

How do I find the agent Griffin in prototype?

Where are the best locations to find Prototype 2?

For more help on Prototype 2, read our Lairs Locations and Black Boxes Locations. 292, 1085 – Search behind the building. 123, 1049 – Behind the fence of the blue building. 398, 982 – Near the docs. 268, 929 – At the top of the yellow zone area, near the Blackwatch stronghold crawling with enemies. 382, 1512 – Under the freeway bridge.

How to unlock up to no good achievement in Prototype 2?

To unlock Up to No Good achievement or trophy in Prototype 2, you need to defeat all Field Ops teams. When you are close to them, you will see this symbol on your screen. When you encounter them, kill all the marked targets to make it count. There are total of 28 Field Ops teams you need to destroy.

Is Prototype 2 worth playing?

Prototype 2 starts out weak but ends much, much stronger, although its missions and storyline never really rise to a level beyond enjoyable.