How do you join the Capfin competition?

This Competition is available to all Confirmed Entrant(s) who enter by means of successfully concluding a loan agreement with Capfin by scanning their SA ID at any Ackermans or PEP stores in South Africa or by SMSing their SA ID number to 33005, or online at, to stand a chance to be 1 of 240 Winners to win …

What happens if I can’t pay my Capfin loan?

If you fail to make any payment punctually, you agree that CAPFIN may immediately claim the entire amount you owe in terms of the agreement from you (which includes, without limitation, loan amounts, arrear interest and any other monies owing against the outstanding loan amount).

Can I increase my Capfin loan?

If you have a loan with Capfin, you can’t top up the loan. This entity only grants short term loans with fixed terms. You can try, if you have excellent credit score for instance, to apply for another loan the amount you need.

How long does it take for Capfin to pay out?

HOW LONG WILL I WAIT FOR A PAY-OUT? Your loan will be paid out within 48 business hours after approval to your nominated bank account.

How do I change my Capfin phone number?

I WANT TO CHANGE MY CELLPHONE NUMBER. In order to update your details, please contact one of our consultants to assist you on 087 354 0000.

How do I settle my Capfin loan?

HOW DO I SETTLE MY ACCOUNT WITH CAPFIN? You may call our Capfin contact centre on 087 354 0000 or use our USSD facility *134*6454# to obtain your settlement quote. You may then make payment via the following options before your given expiry date: Direct Deposit.

What is the interest rate for Capfin loan?

How much will it cost?

Repayment Term 6 Months 12 Months
Maximum Interest Rate 5% pm 24.75% pa
Initiation Fee R535.00 R535.00
Maximum Monthly Service Fee R69.00 R69.00
Maximum Monthly Instalment R959.00 R499.00

How do I get a Capfin loan on my phone?

Apply for a Capfin loan online from the safety of your home or SMS your SA ID number to 33005. Standard SMS rates apply. Dial *134*6454# free from your cell phone to manage your account. Easily update your details, check your statements or view your account history.

How long does a Capfin loan take to pay out?

Does Capfin loan still exist?

Currently, our contact centre is open during business hours. Please call us on 087 354 0000 for assistance. If you are an existing customer, you may continue to manage your current Capfin loan account by logging in on our site or dial *134*6454# at no cost to you.

What is capfin’s right to exclude a competition winner?

Capfin reserves the right to exclude any person from this Competition on reasonable grounds, in which instance Capfin’s decision will be final and more specifically, should a Winner’s declared loan amount not be their correct Capfin loan amount, Capfin reserves the right to exclude such person from this Competition 34.

What is a capfin Prize?

“ Prize (s) ” means a monetary award to 800 (eight hundred) Winners to the value of 5% up to 100% cash back of the loan amount approved to a Winner, the determination and allocation of which will be at the sole discretion of Capfin and/or its associated companies; 9.

What happens when I finish a capfin loan agreement?

Successfully Concluding a Capfin loan agreement allows an entry to play the Capfin Cash Cut game after having followed the SMS link received by such person and such person picking a tile to reveal a cash cut. Capfin reserves the right to scrutinise and vet the authenticity of the information provided;

What information does capfin collect from the confirmed entrant?

By means of participation in this Competition, Confirmed Entrant (s) agree to give honest, accurate and current information to Capfin and consent thereto that Capfin may collect and process such Confirmed Entrant’s Personal Information, for the purposes of the administration of this Competition, Promotional Obligations and Marketing Campaigns; 19.