How do you adjust the spray distance on a pop up sprinkler?

Turn the adjustment screw Using a wrench or a screwdriver, rotate the screw – clockwise to increase distance and counter-clockwise to decrease distance. While turning the adjustment screw, be sure to do so in small increments until you reach your desired distance.

How far apart should pop up sprinklers be?

Types of Sprinkler Heads Because of the lower PSI the distance of the spray rarely exceeds 15ft. Meaning that spray heads should never be placed further than 15 ft. apart as this would create dry spots (i.e. dead grass) in your lawn. It is always important to install sprinklers with overlap for full coverage.

How do you repair a rain bird sprinkler head?

Dig around the Rainbird sprinkler head that needs to be replaced with a small trowel until you locate the water-feed line. Move to a larger shovel to remove the rest of the dirt. Clear an area 12 inches in diameter around the sprinkler head and as deep as the sprinkler head. Unscrew the sprinkler head from the water-feed line.

How do you adjust the spray pattern on a rain bird sprinkler?

Adjust the spray pattern of your Rain Bird sprinkler head using a flathead screw driver. By rotating the screw to the right, you will increase the spray pattern, and by turning the screw to the left, you will decrease the arc of the spray pattern.

How to adjust a pop-up sprinkler head?

Take Note of Your Sprinkler Installation. Firstly,you need to take note of how the sprinklers installed in the garden operate.

  • Adjust the Water Pressure. You should try to adjust the water pressure from the mains water supply before attempting to adjust the sprinkler head.
  • Adjust the Angle of Sprinkler. Position the angle of the sprinkler head in such a way that there aren’t any left areas when the sprinklers are in
  • Set the Spray Pattern. Turn counter-clockwise to increase the spray pattern,allowing it to effectively reach longer distances.
  • Fine-tune the Spray Distance. Now that you have adjusted the spray pattern you will need to fine-tune the spray distance.
  • How to adjust sprinkler heads?

    Locate the adjustment socket at the top of the head and tune it to the right. Hold it firmly in place

  • Insert the plastic head of the wench and rotate the socket clockwise to increase the arc.
  • Do the opposite to decrease the arc of the pop-up sprinkler head.