How do I update my details on eBay?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Account – opens in new window or tab section of My eBay.
  2. Select Personal information.
  3. Find the section you need to update, and select Edit.
  4. Enter your new details.
  5. Depending on what you’re updating, you’ll be prompted to Save, Submit, or Confirm.

How do I change my telephone number on eBay?

First, you need to go to your Account and select “Personal information”. Then, go straight to the “Email and Contact Information” section and select “Edit” next to “Registered name and address”. Afterwards, click on “Change your Primary telephone” and make your changes. To save them press the “Submit” button.

How do I verify my bank account on eBay?

It can take a few days for the micro-deposits to reach your checking account, depending on your financial institution. Once they’ve reached your account, sign into My eBay or Seller Hub and follow the instructions on the banner to enter and confirm the micro-deposit amounts to verify your account.

How do I change my eBay account address?

You can also review, add, or update your addresses at any time in My eBay:

  1. Go to Addresses – opens in new window or tab.
  2. Select Edit next to Postage address.
  3. Select Edit next to the address you’d like to change.
  4. Update your address and select Save.

How do I change my PFP on eBay?

How to change Profile Picture

  1. Go to your feedback profile.
  2. Click on your current photo.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Profile’. **
  4. Click on the ‘pencil’ in the upper right corner.
  5. Click on ‘Change photo’.
  6. Select a photo from your image files.

How can I change my username on eBay?

On the Personal Information page, click on the word “Edit” all the way to the right of the line containing your eBay user ID. The Change User ID page will appear. On the Change User ID page, enter your new ID into the entry box and click the “Change User ID” button.

How do I change my eBay account and routing number?

Go to Payments – opens in new window or tab in My eBay. Select Edit under your bank account labeled Used for payouts. Make your changes and select Update bank account.

Does eBay money go into my bank account?

eBay now manages payments and will send your payouts directly to your bank account. Your fees, expenses and charges will be deducted automatically from your earnings before you get paid.

Can I sell on eBay without a bank account?

You don’t need a bank account, but you do need a paypal. All of your profits go to the paypal account a few weeks after the buyer completes the purchase. If you make sales, you have to pay seller fees too. A debit or credit card would take care of this.

Can you change your email address on your eBay account?

You can change your email address from the Personal Information section of My eBay. To change your email address: Go to My eBay> Account. Click Personal Information.

How do I change my PFP on eBay Mobile?