How do I get into house in Gray-Mane?

The house can easily be accessed during the quest “Missing in Action,” as Fralia Gray-Mane invites the Dragonborn over. Due to a glitch, the Dragonborn is able to clip through the area near the window, causing them to “sink” underneath the city.

Where does Eorlund gray-mane live?

Eorlund Gray-Mane is a master blacksmith in Whiterun. He is widely regarded as one of the best smiths in all of Skyrim. He can be found working at the Skyforge next to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

Where can I find Fralia gray-mane?

Fralia Gray-Mane is an Elder Nord and the mother of Avulstein, Olfina, and Thorald, and wife of Eorlund. She operates a jewelry stall in the Whiterun marketplace.

How do I release Thorald in Skyrim?

Yes, it is possible. You do need to finish Civil Wat questline on Imperial side. If you’ve done that, then after starting the quest, you go to General Tullius and ask him. He will be suspicious at first, but will give you the writ at the end.

Why is Avulstein attacking me?

Avulstein may become hostile if the Dragonborn has a bounty on their head. If one can enter Avulstein into a battle with a dragon, he will snap out of it, and communicating with him normalizes.

Where can I get Avulstein?

Avulstein Gray-Mane is a Nord warrior hiding out in House Gray-Mane in Whiterun.

Does the Skyforge make better weapons?

Having the Steel Smithing perk doubles the quality improvement. While these weapons can only be made at the Skyforge, they can be improved with any grindstone. If you’ve completed the Companions questline and still can’t forge Nord Hero weapons, talk to Eorlund.

How do you release Thorald Gray-Mane peaceful?

Thorald Gray-Mane is chained to the wall in the back of the room. Kill the Northwatch Interrogator to free him.

How do you release Thorald GREY mane?

Thorald Gray-Mane is chained to the wall in the back of the room. Kill the Northwatch Interrogator to free him. He will grab a nearby weapon to protect himself before following the Dragonborn.

Does Thorald ever return?

1 Answer. No, Thorald does not return to Whiterun. When you free him he makes a comment that it would be too dangerous for him and his family to be seen in public, and that he would be better off hiding from the Thalmor.

What happens to Thorald gray-mane?

Thorald aided the Stormcloaks to fight the Empire and disappeared sometime afterwards. Later on, it is discovered that he was captured by the Legion during a skirmish and that he was later handed to the Thalmor. He is held captive in Northwatch Keep.