How do I find old articles of incorporation in Florida?

Hopefully, there will be a document titled “Articles of Incorporation.” If you can’t find the document you are looking for, simply contact the Division of Corporations in Florida (850-245-6052) and request a copy.

Does Florida require articles of incorporation?

Florida Law requires that any new company wishing to incorporate in the state of Florida file articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State. The articles of incorporation is the document that establishes the formation of the company.

What is articles of organization Florida?

Articles of Organization are a formation document. It lists basic information about your limited liability company. When it is accepted and processed your Florida LLC is officially created.

How long does it take to get articles of incorporation in Florida?

How long does the process take? Florida incorporation processing times are typically 5-20 business days. If the filing is rejected it will add around a month to the process. Expedited documents must be hand-delivered to the Department of State and are processed in 1-2 business days.

How do you find owners of companies?

Research Strategies to Find Business Owners

  1. Make a Call.
  2. Check the Company Website.
  3. Do a Little Social Media Digging.
  4. Conduct a WHOIS Domain Lookup.
  5. Read the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports.
  6. Search State Databases of Registered Businesses.
  7. Contact Local Business Licensing or Regulatory Agencies.

How do I get company contact information?

Here is a collection of websites we use at VA Partners regularly when researching a prospect’s contact information.

  1. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is probably one of the most useful tools for finding who you are looking for.
  2. is an open source contact management database.
  4. The Company Website.
  5. Yelp.

How do I find a registered agent in Florida?

Florida Registered Agent Requirements

  1. Have a Physical Address. Registered agents must have a registered office in Florida.
  2. Be Available. A registered agent in Florida must be generally available to accept service of process during normal business hours.
  3. Accept Service of Process.
  4. Receive Official Notices.

How long does it take to process articles of organization in Florida?