How do I find exclamation marks in iTunes?

Select a track with an exclamation mark, use Ctrl-I to Get Info, then click No when asked to try to locate the track. Look on the file tab for the location that iTunes thinks the file should be. Now take a look around your hard drive(s). Hopefully you can locate the track in question.

How do you remove files from iTunes that Cannot be located?

The ‘Missing Files’ playlist will now contain all of the files that iTunes can’t find. So click that playlist, select all songs inside it, right click and delete! You will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete files or not.

Why is some of my iTunes music missing?

Check your settings and network connection on all of your devices: Make sure that your devices have the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or iTunes for Windows. Make sure that Sync Library is turned on for all of your devices. Connect all of your devices to the Internet.

How do I locate files in iTunes?

Locate your iTunes files

  1. Find out where a file is stored: Select the item, then choose Edit > [Item] Info. The path to the file is shown at the bottom of the File pane (next to Location).
  2. Show the file in File Explorer: Select the item, then choose File > Show in Windows Explorer.

How do I get rid of exclamation marks in iTunes?

Removing Missing Tracks in iTunes

  1. Download, install and launch Tune Sweeper.
  2. To get a list of songs with exclamation marks, select the ‘Missing Tracks’ tab at the top of Tune Sweeper.
  3. Select tracks with exclamation marks you wish to remove and click on “Remove Selected Tracks” in Tune Sweeper.

Why does iTunes keep losing my music files?

The “missing file” error happens if the file is no longer where iTunes expects to find it. Possible causes are that you or some third party tool has moved, renamed or deleted the file, one of its parent folders, or the drive it lives on has had a change of drive letter.

How do I see all files in iTunes?

How do you relink a song on iTunes?

When you start iTunes check under Edit > Preferences > Advanced that the media folder is given as .. \iTunes\iTunes Media. Check also under File > Library > Organize Library… that the option Rearrange files in the folder “iTunes Media” is greyed out. If not tick it and click OK.

How do I remove doubles from iTunes library?

Helpful answers

  1. Open iTunes. Choose Songs in the Library section.
  2. Go to the menu bar, choose File > Library >Show Duplicate Items.
  3. Select the duplicate item you want to delete. From the menu bar, go to Song > Delete.