How do I arrange my Aramex Delivery?

With your linked account, you can request an Aramex courier to arrive to a selected address and pick up a shipment. To schedule a pickup: Log in and on the Dashboard page, click Schedule a pickup. On the page that opens, fill in the address from which a courier should pick a shipment.

Does Aramex pay customs?

Aramex offers a wide range of customs clearance services (starting with Delivery Order collection up to delivery of goods). In addition, Aramex offers storage in Aramex warehouses when needed.

Does Aramex do international delivery?

We will deliver your parcel to South Africa, handle customs, notify you of the costs, and prepare your package for delivery to your door.

How do I contact shop and ship?

For Shop & Ship inquiries, please contact +971045031911.

How do I contact customs about a parcel?

If you have a specific question about the duties / taxes for a parcel that’s being sent to you, you need to contact the HM Revenue and Customs team on 0300 200 3700. You can also find more information about tax and customs on goods sent from abroad on the website.

Why does customs take so long?

Missing paperwork is one of the most common reasons for delays in shipping. Depending on the size and value of your shipment, the documentation required may vary. Even simple mistakes like the seller forgetting to attach an invoice or CN22 customs form can cause significant delays to your shipment.

Where is headquarters of Aramex?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to contact Aramex customer service?

For Shop & Ship inquiries, please contact +96524391891. “This branch will be temporarily closed from May 11 till May 30.”. Kuwait City. Directions. Office Working Hours SUN-THU, SAT 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM. Business Exception Days SAT 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM. Office Email [email protected] Office Phone +9651820011.

What has Aramex been up to in the last three months?

Thomas Kipp, Chief Operating Officer at Aramex, said: “Over the last three months, we focused our efforts on ramping up operations including expanding our last mile infrastructure to support the increase in shipment volumes driven by a boom in global e-commerce and demand for our last mile services.

What is Aramex’s balance sheet position?

As a result of prudent financial management, Aramex maintained a strong balance sheet with a negative net debt position of AED 353 million, indicating a strong cash balance as at 31 March 2021.

How do I contact Hawalli Al Jahra shop?

For Shop & Ship inquiries, please contact +96524391891. “This branch will be temporarily closed from May 11 till May 30.” Hawalli Al Jahra Jasim Mohamad Khorafi Street, Sulail Jahra Complex.