Does Somerville have compost?

About the Home Composting Program While the City of Somerville encourages residents to reduce waste and create rich soil through composting, DPW does not currently have any compost bins or tumblers available for purchase, nor do they expect more stock in the near future.

Can you leave furniture on the curb in Somerville?

The City of Somerville offers curbside pickup of old furniture and mattresses. You may dispose of up to 2 pieces of furniture per week in your regular trash.

Is Cambridge composting?

The solid end product of the anaerobic digestion process is pellets, which are used as fertilizer for hay fields, as well as other uses. So Cambridge’s food waste is being removed from garbage, and the end product is used as fertilizer. But the process in between is not composting.

How do I cancel Bootstrap Compost?

If you want to end OR temporarily suspend your composting relationship with Bootstrap Compost at any time, you must email Bootstrap Compost 14 days in advance. This ensures we can provide the best service to you, so help us help you by emailing before you take off.

How do you compost at home?

How to Compost

  1. Start your compost pile on bare earth.
  2. Lay twigs or straw first, a few inches deep.
  3. Add compost materials in layers, alternating moist and dry.
  4. Add manure, green manure (clover, buckwheat, wheatgrass, grass clippings) or any nitrogen source.
  5. Keep compost moist.

Does compost actually get composted?

Cuts Methane Emissions From Landfills When compostable waste goes to a landfill, it gets buried under massive amounts of other trash, cutting off a regular supply of oxygen for the decomposers. Because our solid waste infrastructure was designed around landfilling, only about 6 percent of food waste gets composted.

What do I do with a compostable bag?

Compostable trash bags are truly compostable. In other words, you can’t just throw a biodegradable trash bag on your compost pile and think it will decompose. It can’t; the temperature won’t get hot enough. But compostable trash bags will turn into compost over time.

What can I put in Bootstrap Compost?

Feel free to include fruits & veggies; cooking oil; eggshells; meat, bones, seafood & dairy; bread, grains & pasta; coffee grounds, filters, tea-bags, & biodegradable cafe items; nuts & spices; napkins, paper towels, & compostable cutlery; and small yard clippings & flowers. If you’re unsure, just ask.

Is human urine good for compost?

Many gardening and composting sites recommend adding urine onto compost heap to help speed things up. With cold composting this provides the bacteria with a source of food which can be digested quickly producing heat rapidly.

What is Somerville’s drop-off policy for hazardous waste?

The City reserves the right to refuse drop-off for any reason. Residents are required to wear a mask and observe all City COVID-19 protocols during drop-off. Additionally, the City of Somerville, in collaboration with ACV Enviro, will be hosting an alternative program for residential pick up of Household Hazardous Waste.

Where can I dispose of yard waste in Somerville?

Somerville residents can once again drop off select waste items at the DPW Yard at 1 Franey Road. Yard waste, electronic waste, and tires will be accepted. Note that yard waste cannot be in plastic bags.

What does the Somerville Department of Public Works do?

The Department of Public Works provides high quality services to the residents of Somerville while maintaining the City’s infrastructure and guaranteeing a clean and safe environment in order to sustain a high quality of life.