Does Microsoft Word have a recipe template?

Although Word doesn’t have a specific template for a recipe book, you can transform a template quickly. Double-click the first template to appear in the search results, “Booklet.” In a few moments, the book opens. Scroll through the pages to get an idea of the layout and what you’ll want to change.

How do you make a recipe card in Google Docs?

Designing Your Recipe Card. For our project, go to File > Page Set Up; select “Custom”, select “inches”, and then type in your desired number based on the size of your project. Let’s type in 6 and then 4 for our recipe card.

How do I create a recipe card in Canva?

How to make a recipe card

  1. Open Canva. Open Canva and search for the “Recipe Card” design type.
  2. Explore templates. Need some inspiration?
  3. Discover features. Drag and drop elements from Canva’s library onto your page.
  4. Customize your card.
  5. Share or print.

How do I print recipe cards?

One of the cheapest ways to print your recipe cards is to print on regular paper or cheap card stock. Then, you can cut them out and either laminate them or glue/tape them to 4×6″ or 3×5″ index cards. The index cards may run you less than a dollar for a package of 100 cards. You can use double-sided tape or glue stick.

How do I add my own recipe to Google home?

Open up Google Assistant or Google search on your Android or iPhone and search for the kind of recipe you want. You’ll see a scrolling list of recipes to choose from. When you’ve found one that looks good, tap Send to Google Home.

Is there an app to make a CookBook?

CookBook is the first recipe app allowing you to import recipes from physical books, magazines and even hand-written notes using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). You can also import from thousands of supported websites or just add recipes as you create them!

What are recipe cards?

What is a recipe card? It’s exactly what it sounds like: A note card or page where you write down everything about each dish that your restaurant serves. From the recipe to the ingredients to cooking procedures to plating, this is the go-to cheat-sheet for everything on the menu.

How do you make a cookbook?

As you work through how to make your own cookbook, this will help you take inventory of your recipes and organize them into a logical order.

  1. Collect and Capture Photos.
  2. Choose Your Book.
  3. Give It a Title.
  4. Pen an Opening Note.
  5. Think Through Format.
  6. Place the Recipes.
  7. Add the Filling.
  8. Print and Share.

How do I create my own recipe card?

Use one of our 60+ existing recipe card templates and designs (courtesy of, create your own background, or upload your own image or photo. Begin with the editable recipe card template and click on the text fields to begin editing or move them around. You can even add more text, clipart, and images.

Where can I find free recipe card templates?

Many websites offer free recipe card templates, usually in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Try Alenka’s Printables at Try a fee-based site for more elaborate card templates you can use, such as American Greetings.

How do I add a background to my recipe card?

Use your personal photos as background by selecting the Upload option. Add text to your recipe card by selecting the Add Text option on the toolbar. You can add clipart to your recipe card by selecting the Add Clipart option on the toolbar.

Can you print recipes on cardstock?

You can print your recipes on regular paper or cheap card stock. You can then cut out the recipes and tape or paste them to the cards. If your printer has an option to print on index cards, you can print directly onto the cards. How to write recipe cards?