Does Allstate Motor Club have an app?

The Allstate Motor Club application enables any user to quickly and easily request roadside assistance to be sent to their location. The application is designed to also help Allstate Motor Club members access the benefits of their membership plan. But you don’t have to be a member to use the app.

What does the Allstate app do?

Allstate Drivewise monitors your speed and how fast you drive consistently. Drivewise mobile app suggests you keep your speed safely under 80 mph. It also tracks how long you drive faster than 80 mph if you do.

How do I use Allstate QuickFoto?

Enter your Allstate claim number and ZIP code to use QuickFoto. In QuickFoto, you’ll take photos of your damaged vehicle before submitting your claim for estimate….You’ll be prompted to take photos of:

  1. The damaged area.
  2. The entire vehicle.
  3. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your odometer.

How do I check my Drivewise?

Simple. Sign up or log in to My Account and view your driving progress and personalized feedback on your Drivewise dashboard. You can also use the Allstate® mobile app to view your performance.

Is the Allstate app free?

Allstate mobile apps are available as free downloads at Google Play and iTunes. Allstate Mobile—iPhone, iPod Touch, Android.

What is Allstate locker?

Digital locker is a free tool from Allstate that allows you to create a visual inventory of your personal property. With it, you can use your camera or phone to take pictures of your items, organize them by room or category, assign a value to them and store them safely in the cloud.

Does Allstate Drivewise drain battery?

It regularly crashes and drains my battery FAST! This is likely due to using my GPS to track my location, speed, etc. but it can be annoying. Overall, if Allstate offers you the lowest-priced auto insurance, I recommend adding Drivewise to your policy to save even more money.

How long does Allstate QuickFoto claim take?

Once customers submit a claim using QuickFoto, Allstate says they can expect to receive an estimate and a phone call from the insurer within 24 hours. QuickFoto now processes about half of the insurer’s claims for driveable vehicles, Allstate President Matt Winter explained during the conference call.

How do I make an Allstate claim?

Agent, 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828) or file a claim at — select Claims. representative, Allstate Agent or log on to your account at For more information about claims, go to

How do I turn off Drivewise?

To unenroll from Drivewise, call either:

  1. Your local Allstate agent.
  2. Drivewise customer support: 877-431-7670.

How does Drivewise Mobile work?

Drivewise tracks your driving habits via a mobile app or a small device installed in your car and then sends the data to Allstate. You can look at the data collected on Allstate’s website, so you can analyze your own driving habits to look for problem areas and see how much you’re saving.

Does Drivewise increase insurance?

But while using Drivewise will not raise your rates, Drivewise users can still experience rate increases for other reasons. Factors irrelevant to your driving — such as your age, marital status or credit score — can cause your premiums to go up or down.