Did Benchmade discontinue the Contego?

You can check out the full list here, but we’ve listed some of the most noteworthy blades that are leaving the Benchmade lineup next year. The Contego is a close cousin of the 940.

Is Kershaw better than Benchmade?

Well, between Benchmade and Kershaw, I have to say that Benchmade comes out on top with its quality and customization. Their knives are simply beautiful and they last longer than the warranty does. The only place where Kershaw is winning in this competition is the price.

Does benchmade still make 51?

Benchmade 51 Morpho Balisong Butterfly Knife 4.25″ Satin D2 Plain Blade, G10 Handles – KnifeCenter – Discontinued.

Why did benchmade discontinue the Arvensis?

The Arvensis is an impressive, future-forward fixed blade design with an innovative sheath attachment feature that allows for integration with almost anything….DISCONTINUED Benchmade 119 Sibert Arvensis Fixed Blade.

Benchmade 119 Sibert Arvensis
Overall Length: 11.72″
Blade Thickness: 0.193″
Handle Material: Contoured Black G10
Handle Thickness: 0.75″

How good are Benchmade knives?

Benchmade is one of the most widely recognized knife manufactures and is known for making high quality knives and tools proudly made in the USA. I recommend purchasing Benchmade Knives at Amazon and BladeHQ. They both have an excellent selection, very competitive prices, free shipping, and great customer service.

Are any Benchmade knives made in China?

Are Benchmade Knives Made in China? ALL authentic Benchmade knives are made in the USA.

How long is benchmade 51?

Size, Weight and Ergonomics The 51 Morpho measures 5.4” closed, opens to 9.4”and the handle thickness is 0.48”. This slim handle combined with the length spreads the knife out deep within your pocket.

Is the Benchmade Casbah discontinued?

The Benchmade 4400 Casbah is a low cost, high performance duty auto designed for those who need a knife that won’t quit but doesn’t break the bank….DISCONTINUED Benchmade 4400S Casbah Automatic – Silver Blade / Partially Serrated.

Benchmade 4400 Series
Overall Length: 7.80″
Blade Length: 3.40″

Do Benchmade knives hold their value?

The quality of Benchmade knives will vary widely depending on the model you’re purchasing, but their high end knives are absolutely worth the money, especially those that come from well-reputed knifemakers that are being made on license for Benchmade.

Why does Benchmade use a butterfly?

When Benchmade was first founded, its product was primarily made up of Bali-Song®, or butterfly, knives. The Benchmade butterfly logo symbolizes the company’s early ties to the butterfly knife.