Can you fly into Coldfoot Alaska?

Wright Air has scheduled service potential for Coldfoot, so they can be a great transportation option for guests looking to fly into Coldfoot. Warbelow’s Air Ventures is another scheduled flight operator in Fairbanks that has the capacity to charter flights to Coldfoot and other areas with an adequate runway.

How far is Coldfoot from the Arctic Circle?

Here, 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the midst of wildness, you’ll find a cafe, gas station, hotel, lounge, post office, general store, RV park, equipment-rental shop and visitor center with information on federal lands accessible from the highway.

Is Coldfoot above the Arctic Circle?

Coldfoot, Alaska is located on the Dalton Highway. This small town is north of Fairbanks, above the Arctic Circle.

How far is Wiseman from Fairbanks?

270 miles
Wiseman is situated approximately 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 270 miles from Fairbanks. The Dalton Highway (Haul Road) is the only road that takes you to Wiseman. The historic community of Wiseman, situated on the Middle fork of the Koyukuk River.

How big is the Brooks Range in Alaska?

Brooks Range/Elevation

Is Coldfoot in Gates of the Arctic?

Coldfoot Camp is a perfect home base for any Arctic adventure you can dream up. We’re conveniently located at the foot of the Brooks Mountain Range, very near the Gates of the Arctic National Park, and a short drive from hike-in access for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Can you drive to Gates of the Arctic National Park?

Gates of the Arctic is a wilderness park, with no roads or trails into the park lands, so visitors must fly or hike into the park. Access to the park begins in Fairbanks, Alaska. From Bettles: It is necessary to take one of the daily flights from Fairbanks, as there is no road to this small ‘bush’ village.

Does anyone live in the Brooks Range Alaska?

The Alaska Native villages of Anaktuvuk and Arctic Village, as well as the very small communities of Coldfoot, Wiseman, Bettles, and Chandalar, are the range’s only settlements….

Brooks Range
Peak Mount Isto
Elevation 8,976 ft (2,736 m)
Coordinates 69°12′09″N 143°48′08″W

Why visit coldcoldfoot?

Coldfoot’s prime location at Mile 175 on the Dalton Highway serves as a natural base for summer flightseeing, hiking, rafting, fishing, and exploring. In the colder months, there’s world-class aurora viewing, dog mushing adventures, and a chance to take a scenic backcountry snowshoe tour with a local guide.

Where is Coldfoot camp?

welcome to your base for arctic exploration! Located near the famously beautiful Gates of the Arctic National Park and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Coldfoot Camp provides easy access for adventure and play in the surrounding Brooks Range wilderness.

Is there a visitor center in Coldfoot Alaska?

The National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service operate a visitor center in Coldfoot offering travel information and nightly presentations on the natural and cultural history of the Arctic as well as backcountry trip planning. The center is open from June 1 through September.

Why is it called Coldfoot Alaska?

Originating as a mining camp, Coldfoot was aptly renamed in 1900 after the first settlers got “cold feet” and turned around upon their arrival. Nearby the town, visitors can explore the Arctic’s deep cultural and natural history by hiking into the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.