Can Movicol Paediatric be mixed with milk?

The resultant liquid can be mixed with anything your child likes, to encourage them to drink it, e.g. squash, juice, hot chocolate, milk. Do not mix the powder straight into the milk/juice/flavoured drink – it needs to ‘bind’ with the water first.

How can I get my child to drink Movicol?

Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass. Add about 62.5 ml or ¼ glass of water to the glass. Stir well until all the powder has dissolved and the Movicol Paediatric Plain solution is clear or slightly hazy, then give it to your child to drink.

Can you mix Movicol in food?

Honestly, the ways parents use Movicol; sprinkle on cereal, mix into snacks or food, add to tea…. the list goes on! Movicol is only effective when it is bound with water. After this, the parent can then mix it with a small amount of any other liquid or flavouring.

Can Laxido be mixed with food?

MOVICOL® can be taken anytime in relation to food, either before, during, or after a meal.

How much water should I drink with Movicol?

A dose of Movicol is 1 sachet dissolved in 125 ml (1/4 pint) of water. Take this 1 –3 times a day according to the severity of your constipation.

What happens if Movicol doesnt work?

If Movicol doesn’t work it might be necessary to add in other medicines, perhaps Page 8 8 a stimulant. Your nurse or doctor will talk to you about which they think would be the best choice and how much to give. Some children do really well with suppositories, which are given into the bottom.

Can you give Movicol to a 1 year old?

Movicol Paediatric Plain is not recommended for children below 5 years of age for the treatment of faecal impaction, or in children below 1 year of age for the treatment of chronic constipation. For patients of 12 years and older it is recommended to use Movicol.

How much water do you mix with Movicol?

How long does Movicol take to work in a child?

How long will MOVICOL take to work? MOVICOL usually takes 1 to 2 days to trigger the first bowel movement.

Can you put Movicol in jelly?

You can mix Movicol with any drink, including warm drinks. Some children like it in jelly and yoghurts. There is a chocolate-flavoured Movicol but the concentration is different so make sure you check with the doctor or the nurse if the dose should be changed.

What is the difference between Movicol and Laxido?

The main difference between Laxido and Movicol is the taste. Some people prefer the taste of Laxido Orange, and some people prefer the taste of Movicol, which comes in either lemon and lime flavour, chocolate flavour, or plain flavour. Many people add squash to improve the taste.

Is it best to take Laxido at night?

They work more quickly than other laxatives. If you take them at bedtime, they work overnight. Surface-wetting laxatives, such as arachis oil and docusate sodium. These let water get into poo to soften it and make it easier to pass.

Can I add Movicol to my child’s milk?

If warming milk, warm first, and add the 63ml Movicol water mixture afterwards. As long as the x1 sachet has been mixed and dissolved correctly in the 63ml of water this dose can be added to a regular sized drink your child is happy to have in one sitting and should not affect Movicol’s effectiveness.

How do you take Movicol paediatric plain?

Dissolve the content of each sachet in 62.5 ml (1/4 of a glass) of water and drink. The dose of Movicol Paediatric Plain depends on the age of the child and their response to treatment. As a starting dose, children aged 2 to 6 years should be given 1 sachet (=1 dose) each day. Children aged 7 to 11 should be given 2 sachets each day.

Can you mix Movicol and water together?

But do not add doses together. Each dose should be the x1 sachet with 63ml water. You can then add this 63ml of mixed Movicol and water to a juice or milk drink. If warming milk, warm first, and add the 63ml Movicol water mixture afterwards.

What is Movicol used for?

Movicol, as I understood, is a stool softener. It allows water to remain in the bowel which softens the stools allowing your child to have open bowels more easily. Hope this helps. my daughter has been it for years now it really helps soften the poo, she takes it with pure orange juice as it does have a ‘taste’ to it! one child beaker to a sachet.