Can Captain Marvel defeat Black Adam?

Grasping his stolen scarab, Adam speaks Shazam’s name and is transformed into the super-powered Black Adam. Black Adam reveals himself to Captain Marvel as the Batsons’ killer, and the two battle. Captain Marvel emerges victorious by snatching Adam’s scarab, and therefore his power, away from him.

Is Black Adam stronger than?

Black Adam has the same powers as Superman. In fact, if you look at what Black Adam is capable of overall, he’s actually arguably more powerful than Superman. Like other Kryptonians, Superman’s powers come from Earth’s sun, granting him abilities like x-ray vision, heat vision and super breath.

Can Thor Defeat Black Adam?

Thor would win, however not as easily as others have said. Thor is extremely powerful, being a god and all. He is a very good fighter and has extremely helpful abilities in combat, such as healing. Black Adam is extremely intelligent and tactical, he would most likely lure Thor into a trap if he had time to prepare.

Who is more powerful Shazam or Black Adam?

Shazam and Black Adam basically have the exact same powers but Shazam’s have always been stronger than Adam. Part of that is because he’s the Wizard’s current champion. He gets a greater share of his power, but Shazam has long proven himself to be second in strength to very few.

Is Black Adam stronger than Captain Marvel?

A – for the strength of Amon Adam’s strength is generally represented by being at a level equivalent to that of Superman and Captain Marvel, although some writers have portrayed his strength as possibly better than them.

Who is more stronger Shazam or Black Adam?

In terms of sheer power and ability, Black Adam and Shazam are evenly matched, technically. After all, both characters received their powers from the ancient wizard Shazam. Despite their powers being virtually the same, the Rock continues to claim Black Adam will be the most powerful character in the DC Universe.