Are compact tampons smaller?

That’s why the Playtex® Sport® Compact tampon is 30% smaller than our full-size tampons*, with an easy pull-and-click design that’s portable and discrete. So, break a sweat without sweating it, knowing you’ve got Sport Level Protection® in a compact size tampon.

Do they still sell Kotex tampons?

The decision to discontinue U by Kotex® Security tampons was strictly a business decision. Security fans can check out the rest of the Security product line up, including pads and liners, at their favorite retail outlet.

Does Kotex tampons have applicators?

U by Kotex Security Super Tampons offer trusted period protection you can count on heavy flow days. U by Kotex Security Super tampons are unscented, made with natural cotton that expands to fit your body, and have a SatinSoft Plastic Applicator for easy, comfortable insertion.

Are Kotex tampons Safe 2020?

The company says the U by Kotex tampons Sleek Super and Super Plus lines are safe to use. Women say, however, that due to U by Kotex Sleek regular absorbency tampons they have experienced infection, irritation, injury or other issues because small pieces of the tampons have remained.

What’s the difference between super and super plus tampons?

Super absorbency tampons provide the extra absorption that some people need the first day or two of menstruation when their flow is heavy. Super plus absorbency tampons: These tampons can absorb between 12 to 15 grams of menstrual blood.

What tampon is comparable to Kotex Security?

Another familiar one: Tampax is similar to Kotex in that these are your everyday, typical tampons. Tampax comes in light, regular, and super absorbencies and boasts a “LeakGuard Braid” to “stop leaks before they happen.” Lola is a newer brand made with 100 percent organic cotton.

How do you use a U by Kotex tampon?

Pull the lower half of the tampon and when it locks in place, it’s ready to go! U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons are available in regular, super and super plus absorbencies. For backup period protection, try U by Kotex Barely There Pantiliners.

Why choose click tampons for women?

Made without fragrance, Click tampons for women are designed for your comfort and have a smooth tip for easy and comfortable insertion. Each tampon features ComfortFlex grooves that move with y ou for outstanding comfort. Try U by Kotex Click Tampons and see why the #1 compact tampon* is chosen by women every 1.9 seconds.

Are Utu by Kotex products FSA/HSA/HRA-eligible in the US?

U by Kotex feminine products are FSA/HSA/HRA-eligible in the U.S. Packaging may vary from images shown.*Based on sales data**Among those with a preference Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.