Will NSFAS pay for private accommodation in 2021?

Maximum amount for 2021 The maximum amount for private accommodation is R34 400. This does not mean that all qualifying students will receive the maximum amount. The amount payable will be your rental amount as indicated on the lease agreement but not more than R34 400 for the year.

How much is a meal at Wits dining hall?

The price per meal is R45,50. (* – This is the initial booking pattern, but meal bookings may be rearranged electronically at will.) A once-off levy of R70,00 for a set of cutlery is included in the above pricing.

Does NSFAS pay for campus accommodation?

NSFAS funding goes beyond just paying for your tuition fees. They will also fund your student accommodation, give you money for registration, transport, books and learning materials as well as a living and personal care allowance. NSFAS does not pay for private accommodation deposits or residence deposits.

Is South Point wits accredited?

Kindly be advised that our buildings are solely accredited for NSFAS-funded stay by the aforementioned institutions.

How much is NSFAS food allowance?

All students staying in private accommodation or with their parents, receive a maximum allowance of R1,500 per month for food. Adjustments will be made from the date you have left your SU residence.

How much is NSFAS accommodation allowance?

NSFAS Allowance Amount

NSFS Allowance Category Annual Amount Self-Catered/Catered Res
Accommodation (Max) R5,617 (Private)
Living Allowance R15,000 R1,500
Incidental Allowance R2,900 R290
Travel R7,500 R750 (Home)

What is residence deposit fee at wits?

Before you are admitted to a residence, you will be required to pay R10000 of your residence fees for the year. International students are required to pay 75% of their residence fees.

What does Nsfas pay for Wits accommodation?

These allowances include: Students who are living at a self-catering residence may apply for the stipend of R15 000 per annum. Students who live at home may apply for a transport allowance of R7 500 and a living allowance of R15 000 per year. Book allowance of up to R5 200 per year.

How much is NSFAS 2021 accommodation?

NSFAS Allowances 2021

Allowance Category Annual Amount Private Accommodation
Living Allowance R15 000.00 R1 500.00
R1 364.00
Incidental Allowance R2 900.00
R3 190.00

How much is private accommodation at NSFAS?

If you reside in an urban area, you will get R24 000 per year from NSFAS allowance. Those that stay in the peri-urban area will be given R18 900 per year under the allowance system. Additionally, those staying in a rural area are entitled to R15 750 per year as beneficiaries, for their accommodation allowance.

Who is the owner of South Point student accommodation?

Robert Lowdon currently is a shareholder and director of the South Point Group of companies, which specailises in the development, management and ownership of student accommodation real estate assets. Robert was one of the founders of the South Point Group in 2003.

How do I pay my South Point?

A: You can pay via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) if you are a private paying student. Fundi students can make payment via using the SouthPoint Merchant code 912229 (JHB) or 9026358 (PTA) (if you don’t have data or airtime, you can still pay via texting *134*87646).