Why was Harlow kidnapped Neighbours?

Bad boy Kane is currently the prime suspect for Harlow’s kidnapping in Neighbours. The incident came following her boyfriend Hendrix Greyson’s admission over the illegal blackjack games he’d been playing and his debt to Kane.

Does Harlow get kidnapped in Neighbours?

Hendrix hid the truth from Harlow for several weeks about the illegal blackjack games and his debt to Kane Jones before coming clean to everyone. In the aftermath, Harlow was kidnapped by an unknown person. In upcoming scenes, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) returns home safe and sound, but is also shaken by her ordeal.

What happened to Paige and Jack in Neighbours?

Departure and return After seeing how much Mark is struggling with their relationship, Paige and Jack decide to leave Erinsborough for a fresh start in Queensland with their son. On 24 November 2019, Neighbours confirmed that Morley would reprise the role for the serial’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

Did Paige in Neighbours have a baby?

Freddie is Paige’s second baby, having had Gabriel with her ex Jack Callahan. UK viewers will see these scenes in around four weeks’ time. Channel 5 recently shared a first-look trailer teasing the January storylines in the UK, including the returns of Amy Greenwood and Kirsha Rebecchi.

Do Harlow and Hendrix break up?

She soon ended things with Richie, and all but forced her friends to ostracise him from their lives. Hendrix and Harlow (Jemma Donovan), meanwhile, broke up after Henrix’s gambling addiction left Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Who is the woman who kidnapped Harlow?

Furious with Hendrix, Harlow takes off on a walk by herself only to be tailed by a suspicious white van. Suddenly, the kidnapper jumps out of the vehicle and grabs her. Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) is trying to track down Kane when Harlow’s disappearance is noticed.

Does Shane get shot in Neighbours?

Shane gets shot But as they start to dust themselves off they realise there has been a casualty, Shane. He’s been shot through the leg and is bleeding badly, Dipi is by his side desperately trying to save his life. He’s rushed to hospital where his family learn he needs urgent surgery.

Is Beth Brennan related to Mark Brennan?

In May 2016, Beth was mentioned to Mark by Brad when he was discussing Ned to him and there ws no mention that she was a relative of Mark’s so it is just a surname coincidence, and Brennan is quite a common name.

Do Mark and Paige get married?

After Paige gives Jack her blessing, he returns to Queensland and Paige stays in Erinsborough and rekindles her love with Mark Brennan. On the first day of the wedding expo, Paige proposes to Mark and they get married on the third day of the expo.

Why did Hendrix leave Neighbours?

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, a health scare causes Hendrix to drown his sorrows, leading to him putting Roxy in danger.

Does Hendrix leave with Pierce?

Pierce tried to push Hendrix to become more independent, but this has left his son, now staying at the Kennedys, resentful that he left Erinsborough.

What happens to Shane in Neighbours?

Shane was the rebellious brother of Toadie and Stonie. He caused a mini crimewave in Ramsay Street. He ended up in prison. In July 1995 Shane escaped from prison but left Erinsborough again when he agreed to return to prison.