Why did Jadzia leave the show?

While Farrell wanted to continue being part of DS9, she also wanted to step out and do other projects. She was also burnt out on the filming demands of the show and wanted to ease up a bit and reduce her time on the show. Unfortunately, series creator Rick Berman wasn’t having it.

What happened to Gul Dukat’s daughter?

She told Dukat that Deep Space 9 was the only place she belonged and she bid a tearful farewell to him. As she was about to walk away, Ziyal was shot by Dukat’s aide Damar, who declared her a traitor. As Ziyal lay dying on the deck, Dukat knelt over her, assuring her that everything would be alright.

Why is Dukat a Bajoran?

Dukat attempted to have the cult members commit suicide to conceal his attempt to kill Mika. When he was exposed, he fled again. Dukat masquerades as a Bajoran In late 2375, Dukat secretly underwent cosmetic surgery on Cardassia Prime to pose as a Bajoran farmer, Anjohl Tennan.

What does Worf say when Jadzia dies?

The scripting of this episode as well as discussions by senior writing staff pertaining to the death of Jadzia Dax are chronicled and partially reproduced in Star Trek: Action!, released by Pocket Books. Worf’s farewell song to Jadzia is: “Only Qo’noS endures. All we can hope for is a glorious death.

Who killed Jadzia Dax?

Season 6 was arguably DS9’s best as the series’ Dominion War ramped up to deliver the darkest and most complex long-form story Star Trek had ever seen. Dax’s shocking death came in DS9’s season 6 finale, “Tears of the Prophets,” when she was murdered by the series’ greatest villain, Gul Dukat (Marc Alaimo).

Who is Ziyals mother?

Tora Naprem
Born in 2354, the tragic daughter of Gul Dukat and his late Bajoran mistress, Tora Naprem, was 13 at the time when Dukat saw the end of Bajor’s occupation coming and arranged for them to live on Lisseppia.

What character did Derek Garth play in DS9?

Derek C. Garth (22 July 1946 – 16 December 1996; age 50) was a production staff member on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where he worked as a “grip”, a lighting and rigging technician.

How tall is Marc Alaimo?

6′ 0″
Marc Alaimo/Height

Does Gul Dukat like Kira?

1 Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat Ah yes, the top of the terrible DS9 flirtations. While the series never officially tried to make Kira and Dukat a thing, they constantly hinted at his attraction to her and her possible attraction to him. Well, in earlier seasons. Later she aggressively shuts him down and it’s great.