Why did Britannia High get cancelled?

ITV musical drama Britannia High is to be dumped due to poor ratings. ITV1 has decided to discontinue the musical drama, which failed to be a ratings success for the channel. The show, which cost £2 million to produce, was created by Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips and Take That singer Gary Barlow.

Was Pixie Lott in Britannia High?

Pixie Lott plans Ed Sheeran duet The 26-year-old pop star first met the red-headed hit-maker a decade ago when they both unsuccessfully auditioned for 2008 ITV musical drama Britannia High.

Where was Britannia High filmed?

Though set in London, Britannia High was filmed in Manchester.

Who auditioned for Britannia High?

Also, Aston Merrygold, lead singer of boy band JLS, auditioned for the role before his success in the group – but only made it to the final 16. George Ure, who attended Mountview Academy, also auditioned before his success in the musical Wicked where he played Boq….

Britannia High
Created by Arlene Phillips David Ian

Did Ed Sheeran audition for xfactor?

Speaking after being rejected by the show, Ed looked defeated as he said: “I don’t think anyone can say they didn’t want the part and weren’t hoping to get the part, everyone wanted it as much as the next person.”

What is Pixie Lott doing now?

2016–present: Stage and television work On 15 November 2016, it was announced Lott will be a coach on The Voice Kids UK alongside will.i.am & Danny Jones.

Where did they film Britannia 3?

Britannia was primarily filmed in the Czech Republic, Wales, and also in several locations in England in season 3. Although a lot of Britannia was filmed outdoors on location, the interiors were shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague. 10 large sets were built and more than 20 locations are featuring in the series.

Where did they film Britannia 2?

England. In season 2, Britannia filming locations were mostly in England so that the makers could shoot on several landscapes. The Regni tents were set up on the Broadhaven South beach in Pembrokeshire. The other camps were set in Hertfordshire, Ashridge and Chobham Common in Surrey.

What TV show was Ed Sheeran on at age 16?

Britannia High
A clip has emerged of Ed Sheeran auditioning for a boy band on short-lived TV show ‘Britannia High’ in 2007 – four years before he became a household name. A 16-year-old Ed Sheeran can be seen singing and dancing in a bid to win a place at the fictional performing arts school.

Who are the actors in Britannia High?

Britannia High: With Sapphire Elia, Georgina Hagen, Rana Roy, Matthew James Thomas. Set in a stage-school in London ‘Britannia High’ focuses on a group of students struggling to make it in music.

What is Britannia High about?

Set in a stage-school in London ‘Britannia High’ focuses on a group of students struggling to make it in music.

When did Britannia High start on ITV?

Britannia High began broadcasting in a primetime Sunday night slot starting on 26 October 2008. The first episode was made available on ITV Player as a “sneak peek” on 17 October. Let’s Dance!

How did Lauren get into Britannia High?

All the students at Britannia High worked hard to get in Britannia High, however, Lauren got in with an easy pass as she was found singing at a wedding and got offered a place at the school. Lauren finds it hard to fit in amongst the crowd as Claudine is always mean and catty with her, but the heartthrob of the school, Danny, has his eye on her.