Why are there so many Dirty Wedding Photographer PICS?

The combination of fun, alcohol, the presence of a large number of relatives and ridiculous contests lead to the various dirty wedding photographer pics that no young couple can put into their wedding photo album. Before reading this article I recommend you compare these two photos and decide whether you agree or disagree with my point of view.

Do you have awkward moments at weddings?

Awkward moments are often unavoidable on a wedding day. It’s up to the wedding party to go with the flow and not let it get under their skin. This photo suggests the photographers thought they had more access than they really did, snapping a shot of the bride who had to go to the restroom. People lose themselves at weddings all the time.

Did a photographer take a fall during a wedding photo shoot?

The Daily Mail reports that while the newlyweds took to the dance floor, a photographer took a fall, as one can see in the bottom right corner of the picture. Wedding ceremonies and receptions can get elaborate.

How to photograph a wedding with a long dress?

A long wedding dress is a traditional attribute of a wedding celebration, which many couples can not refuse. However, the girls want to be a little sexier, so show their slender legs, for example. Allow the bride to release these emotions, make some playful photos with her legs. Let the camera shoot only the legs.

Is the bride airbrushing her out of her wedding photos?

Not digging the transport… Earlier this year a wedding guest revealed the bride left her feeling ‘hideous’ after AIRBRUSHING her out of the photos – and she hasn’t had her photo taken since. Another bridesmaid revealed her friend asked her to get a breast reduction for the big day.

Are these cringe-worthy snaps of wedding guests making the mantelpiece?

A series of cringe-worthy snaps taken at weddings around the world have gone viral after being shared by Go Social. From unimpressed expressions to unfortunate up-skirt shots, these unconventional snaps may leave you put off the idea of walking down the aisle. We wonder if any of them made the mantelpiece. Here are some of the funniest.