Why are 6 CO2 molecules needed in photosynthesis?

Why are six carbon dioxide molecules required to make one glucose molecule? Six carbon dioxide molecules (CO2) are required to create one glucose molecule (C6H12O6) because carbon dioxide has one carbon per molecule, while glucose molecules have six carbons.

Why does the chemical equation have the number 6 in front of water carbon dioxide and oxygen?

This means that the atoms on the left side must equal the atoms on the right side. So if there are 6 carbon atoms in the reactants, there must also be 6 carbon atoms in the products. In order to balance the equation for cellular respiration, a 6 must be added in front of the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water.

What are the main types of carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide

  • Carbonic acid gas.
  • Carbonic anhydride.
  • Carbonic dioxide.
  • Carbon(IV) oxide.
  • R-744 (refrigerant)
  • R744 (refrigerant alternative spelling)
  • Dry ice (solid phase)

Why is there a 6 in front of the carbon dioxide molecules?

The 6 carbon atoms present in a glucose molecule make it possible to form 6 carbon dioxide molecules. The 12 hydrogen atoms in the glucose make it possible for form 6 water molecules. To balance the oxygen atoms for the reactant side, you need to count 6 atoms from the glucose.

What can you build from 6 carbon dioxide CO2 and 6 water H2O molecules?

The Photosynthesis equation Here, six molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) combine with 12 molecules of water (H2O) using light energy. The end result is the formation of a single carbohydrate molecule (C6H12O6, or glucose) along with six molecules each of oxygen and water.

What does the 6 mean in 6CO2?

6CO2 = Six molecules of carbon dioxide. 12H2O = Twelve molecules of water. Light Energy = Light from the sun. On the products side, we have: C6H12O6 = glucose.

What releases the most carbon dioxide?

Fossil fuel combustion/use. Coal is the most carbon intensive fossil fuel. For every tonne of coal burned, approximately 2.5 tonnes of CO2e are produced. 6 Of all the different types of fossil fuels, coal produces the most carbon dioxide.

Why might the candle in jar A?

Why might the candle in jar A burn longer than the candle in jar B? Carbon dioxide produced by the plant allows the candle to burn longer. Glucose produced by the plant allows the candle to burn longer. Oxygen produced by the plant allows the candle to burn longer.

How do red plants photosynthesize?

Originally Answered: How do plants with red leaves carry out photosynthesis? Just like the green plants. Red leaves have chlorophyll which is masked by the abundant red pigments. Yes, these plants also perform photosynthesis because they contain chlorophyll.

What does 6CO2 stand for?

6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy from the sun ® C6H12O6 + 6O2. C stands for carbon, O for oxygen, and H for hydrogen; carbon dioxide + water in the presence of energy from the sun yields carbohydrates and oxygen. Respiration,… The ability of plants to photosynthesize lets all life on earth exist.

What does 6CO2 mean?

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What is 6CO2 + 6H2O?

The scientific equation C6H12O6 + 6O2 —> 6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy is the chemical reaction for respiration within a cell. Respiration is defined as the oxidation of sugar by organisms. It occurs in plants and animals and, in most cases, releases energy that is required for other processes in the cell.

What is 6CO2 in science?

6CO2 is the chemical formula for six molecules of carbon dioxide. The chemical formula of carbon dioxide is CO2. When writing a chemical equation for a reaction, a numeral in front of a chemical formula indicates the number of molecules of the corresponding compound involved in the reaction.