Who was the captain of Indian football team in 1911?

Shibdas Bhaduri
Shibdas Bhaduri : He was the captain of the team which won IFA shield in 1911.

Which is the oldest football in India?

In 1889 India’s oldest current team Mohun Bagan A.C. was founded as “Mohun Bagan Sporting Club”. This was the first club to be under the rule of the army. Both Hindus and Muslims players played in it. Several football clubs like Calcutta FC, Sovabazar and Aryan Club were established in Calcutta during the 1890s.

Which Indian club won the 1911 IFA Shield?

Mohun Bagan
In 1911, Mohun Bagan created history by becoming the first Indian club to win the IFA Shield after they defeated the British Army East Yorkshire Regiment 2–1 on 29 July. Most Mohun Bagan players played bare feet, while the East Yorkshire Regiment played with proper footballing equipment.

Who won the IFA Shield in 1947?

Results of IFA Shield

Year Winner Runner-up
1947 Mohun Bagan East Bengal
1948 Mohun Bagan Bhawanipore
1949 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1950 East Bengal SSCB

What is the full form of IFA in football?

The Indian Football Association, abbreviated as IFA, is the organization that administers association football in the state of West Bengal, India.

Who is best EB or MB?

Though the data is just an approximation, as of 27 November 2021, it is believed that the tally of overall meetings stands at 372 matches up till now, where East Bengal have been triumphant 129 times while Mohun Bagan 122 times, which also includes a walkover.

Who is the Janak of football?

Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari
The Boys’ Club, founded by Nagendra Prasad around this time, was the first Indian initiative to create a football organization. Later, he formed a string of sporting clubs in Calcutta in the 1880s, one of the first being the Wellington Club in 1884….

Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Hare School