Who owns Triconex?

2014. Schneider Electric acquires Triconex and an exciting new era in safety begins. More than 18,000 safety systems have been delivered to over 80 countries operating for more than 1 billion operating hours (and still counting).

What is Triconex PLC?

Triconex is both the name of a Schneider Electric brand that supplies products, systems and services for safety, critical control and turbomachinery applications and the name of its hardware devices that utilize its TriStation application software.

What is TriStation?

Overview. TriStation™ TS1131 software empowers productivity and performance. It’s the engineering and maintenance software toolset for the EcoStruxure™ Triconex Safety Systems family of safety solutions, designed to help you throughout the safety life cycle.

What is Triconex technology?

Triconex is the market-leading process safety brand, with systems that have logged more than one billion hours without failure on demand. Our family of high-availability and high-integrity systems (Tricon, Tricon CX, Trident and Tri-GP) meets the stringent needs of applications in high-hazard industries.

What is the difference between Triconex plc and simple PLC?

That’s why they (Triconex) are certified for the safety integrity levels against the required. In case of your simple PLC their characteristics or their performance are unpredictable and we can not even force it to behave as we required. These are the fundamental differences.

What is the function of the Tricon?

The Tricon provides error-free, uninterrupted control in the presence of either hard failures of components, or transient faults from internal or external sources. The Tricon is designed with a fully triplicated architecture throughout, from the input modules through the Main Processors to the output modules.

What is Tritri-Sen’s relationship with Triconex?

Tri-Sen was also the first to implement and deliver compressor surge and process control on the Triconex platform as well as the first to implement and deliver generator control on the Triconex platform.