Who owns the Sea of Okhotsk?

Except for the small area touching Hokkaido, the sea is completely enclosed by Russian territory. Its area covers 611,000 square miles (1,583,000 square km), and it has a mean depth of about 2,818 feet (859 metres).

Where is the Okhotsk current located?

It is located between Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on the east, the Kuril Islands on the southeast, Japan’s island of Hokkaido on the south, the island of Sakhalin along the west, and a stretch of eastern Siberian coast along the west and north. The northeast corner is the Shelikhov Gulf.

Does Okhotsk Sea freeze?

The Sea of Okhotsk is at the same latitude as the Gulf of Alaska, but unlike the Gulf, the sea freezes between October and March. Fresh water from rivers like the Amur dilutes the relatively shallow, salty sea and raises the temperature at which ice can form.

How big is the Sea of Okhotsk?

611,200 mi²
Sea of Okhotsk/Area

What Lives in the Sea of Okhotsk?

Life in the Okhotsk includes fish such as capelin, cod, flounder, herring, pollack and salmon. Crayfish, sea mussels, sea urchins, polyps, and shrimp are found alongside the Golden king crab, Steller’s sea lion, Northern fur seal, Dall’s porpoise, Orcas, and Ribbon seals.

Which countries border the Sea of Okhotsk?

The Sea of Okhotsk is surrounded by the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia in the east; by the Kuril Islands in the southeast; Japan’s Hokkaido island in the south-southwest; Sakhalin Island (Russia) in the southwest; and by the east coast of Russia in the north and west.

Which country lies to the west of the Sea of Okhotsk?

The Sea of Okhotsk is to the north of the four main islands of Japan, the Pacific Ocean is to the east and south, the East China Sea is to the southwest, and the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan are on the west.

Is the Sea of Okhotsk international waters?

Washington International Law Journal The enclave of international waters in the central Sea of Okhotsk, called the “peanut hole,” is surrounded by the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (“EEZ”) of the Russian Federation.

How old is the Okhotsk plate?

Consequently, our age data constrain that the Okhotsk Sea Plate and Eurasia Plate collision occurred in the middle Eocene between 49 and 38 Ma. This age range is consistent with late Eocene uncomformity identified in the Sakhalin Island and Okhotsk Sea.

What country lies to the west of the Sea of Okhotsk?

What type of plate is the Okhotsk?

The Okhotsk Sea Plate is a continental plate with most parts currently residing below the Okhotsk Sea (Jolivet, 1987; Maruyama et al., 1997; Piip & Rodnikov, 2004; Rodnikov et al., 2013).

Is the Okhotsk plate the North American plate?

It was formerly considered a part of the North American Plate, but recent studies indicate that it is an independent plate, bounded on the north by the North American Plate. The boundary is a left-lateral moving transform fault, the Ulakhan Fault.