Who owns ormax media?

Shailesh Kapoor – Founder
Shailesh Kapoor – Founder & CEO – Ormax Media Pvt.

How does ormax media work?

Ormax Televate is an audience analytics engine that cuts through this information clutter, and identifies three priority areas a TV channel must focus on to achieve sizeable viewership growth, and lays out a detailed strategic roadmap for each of them”.

Who is ormax?

Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd. Ormax Media was founded on July 28, 2008 by Vispy Doctor and Shailesh Kapoor as India’s first specialised insights consulting firm for the Indian media & entertainment industry. To know more about our tools for different media domains, and to connect with us, visit the Services section.

What is ormax online?

Ormax Online is an online research program by Ormax Media to conduct online surveys on varied subjects. To be a part of this program, you need to become an Ormax Online panel member, by opting to register through a simple, zero-cost process. As a panel member, you will receive surveys periodically.