Who is Alma Hix in The Music Man?

Adnia RiceThe Music Man
Linda KashThe Music Man
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Who is Mrs Squires in The Music Man?

Mary Wickes
The Music Man (1962) – Mary Wickes as Mrs. Squires – IMDb.

What is the plot of The Music Man?

When Harold Hill (Robert Preston), a traveling con man, arrives in River City, he convinces the locals to start a band by purchasing the uniforms and instruments from him. His intention is to flee as soon as he receives the money. Librarian Marian Paroo (Shirley Jones) suspects Harold is a fraud, but holds her tongue since her moody brother, Winthrop (Ronny Howard), is excited about the band. As Harold begins to develop feelings for Marian, he faces a difficult decision about skipping town.
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What song does amaryllis sing in The Music Man?

Goodnight, My Someone
As Amaryllis plays her crossed-hands piece, Marian gazes at the evening star and wishes her unnamed “someone” goodnight (“Goodnight, My Someone”). Inside the high school gymnasium, Mayor Shinn is presiding over the Fourth of July celebrations.

How do you pronounce Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn?

Say yes, Mrs. Shinn! Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn – ah – well!

How old was Robert Preston in The Music Man?

68 years (1918–1987)
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What was Harold Hill’s real name?

Interestingly, Harold Hill’s real name is never revealed. Marcellus calls him “Greg”, but his last name is never spoken. In an interview Barbara Cook said that Meredith Willson told her, when he saw her performing as Marian Paroo, he realized that he had based the character on his mother.

Did Shirley Jones do the singing in Music Man?

SHIRLEY: Oh, yes, of course! He wanted to do that and I did, too. We loved singing together. SHIRLEY: Yes, we did.

Did music man win an Oscar?

Laurel Awards for Best Musical Performance, Male
Academy Award for Best Music (Original Score)Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written Musical
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