Which local government is agatu?

Benue State
The headquarters of the local government is at Obagaji; it is one of nine local government areas in the southern senatorial zone of Benue State which is mainly occupied by the Idoma people of Benue State. The resident population are mainly farmers….

Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

What happened in Agatu LGA?

The Agatu attacks and massacres occurred in Agatu, Benue State, began in late February 2016 and continued for several days into March….Agatu massacres.

Agatu massacre
Attack type Massacre
Deaths 300-500
Victims Several thousand (at least 7000 displaced)

How many LGA are there in Benue State?

The new Benue State of today has twenty-three (23) local government areas, which are administered by local government councils.

When was agatu local government created?

Agatu local government area which was created in October 1996, was carved out of Apa local government area. By the 1991 census, it has a population of about 80,000 with Obagaji as its headquarters.

Who is the chairman of Agatu LGA?

Though the Chairman of Agatu LGA, Sule Adoyi, dismissed any fresh hostility among the people, he added that “we are on top of the situation”.

Which religion is in Benue State?

3.1. 1 Benue State is significantly noted to be Sunnis. However, there are handfuls of Shias and Ahmadis. These minority groups are mostly found in Makurdi and Otukpo.

Which local govt in Benue is the biggest?

Vandeikya LGA
The chief press secretary to Governor Samuel Ortom, Terver Akase, said on Wednesday, February 26, that some unnamed “enemies” of the state were behind the development. Vandeikya LGA is a local government area in Benue state.

What is the meaning of Idoma?

The Idoma are people that primarily inhabit the lower western areas of Benue State, Nigeria, and kindred groups can be found in Cross Rivers State, Enugu State, Kogi State and Nasarawa State in Nigeria.

What do Benue call their god?

The Tiv, who live in the central Benue valley of Nigeria, have a name for God, Aondo (sky), but are not much interested in him because they say that he is not much interested in them. God, in their view, created the earth and everything within it—including the forces of evil.