Where is the Ford 6000 CD code?

You can get the radio activation code from the unique serial number which identifies the unit. To locate this serial, it is as simple as turning on the radio and holding the preset buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. You should be able to see the serial displayed the last with this format V123456.

Where is the serial number on a Ford radio?

All Ford stereo units have their serial number engraved on the rear label, which is visible only when the radio is removed. However, if the stereo model is a 6000 CD, SONY or 4500 RDS E-O-N, the serial number can also be seen on the screen by pressing buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 (for the 4500 RDS model for example).

How do I enter the radio code on a Ford Transit?

Get the code for your original Ford Transit radio. It works for all models and ages. Follow these steps to enter your radio code. Turn your Transit radio switch to ON and ensure it reads CODE. Repeatedly press button 1 until the first digit is entered. For example, if you have to enter a 0, press button 1 for ten times.

How to unlock a Ford radio for free?

All Ford Radios Unlocked Instantly Completely free, fill in your serial number, enter your email address & use our Ford radio code generator to unlock your stereo. How To Get Your Ford Radio Code?

What kind of radio does a transit van have?

The 2011 and 2012 Transit model, both Van and Connect come with the 6000 CD model radio mounted. This radio has a security code that triggers every time there is a power failure in the van. In case of loss, calculate the security code for it using our free Transit radio code generator.

How do I find the radio code on a Ford Ranger?

How To Get Your Ford Radio Code? 1 Press and hold buttons 1 & 6 together. 2 The radio will go through a series of information on the display, the ONLY information that will be your serial will begin “M” or “V” followed by 6 digits. 3 If nothing shows doing this move onto the next step, this is pressing and holding down buttons 2 & 6.