Where is Terra ff6 World of Ruin?

You will find Terra in Mobliz, which is at the very tail end of the Serpent Trench. The Serpent Trench was underwater in the World of Balance, but now it is a very conspicuous serpent shaped continent in the World of Ruin.

How do I get to Mobliz?

To go to Mobliz, you can either walk northeast to go there, or go into the small forest northwest of Tzen to get a Chocobo. Mobliz is on the far right side of the narrow piece of land in the northeast of the current continent.

What is World of Ruin ff6?

The World of Ruin, also called WoR or Post-C (Bonus section), is the second of two worlds in Final Fantasy VI. The World of Ruin is characterized by barren wastelands, deserts, burned forests, and polluted water. It consists of a series of small islands that dot the world, and those islands are where most people live.

How do you get to Locke World of Ruin?

To find Locke, you’ll need to find the Phoenix Cave. Go to the peninsula on the northern end of the continent containing Tzen, Albrook, and Kefka’s Tower. There should be a bunch of mountains here; land at the green spot in the middle of them.

Where is Mobliz?

Mobliz is a village in Final Fantasy VI located north of the Veldt in the World of Balance and south of the Veldt in the World of Ruin.

How does the Veldt work ff6?

Once an enemy formation is encountered (it does not have to be defeated), it will show up on the Veldt. The Veldt is thus useful for fighting enemies found in places the player cannot revisit, especially in the World of Ruin when most of the monsters from the World of Balance vanish.

What is the world of ff6 called?

The World of Balance
The World of Balance, also called WoB and Pre-C (Bonus section), is the title given to the unnamed world of Final Fantasy VI for the first half of the game. The name derives from the balance of power between the Warring Triad that upholds the world.

How do I get through Phoenix Cave ff6?

Move Party B downstairs; move them down to find a staircase up to a switch that creates a bridge to a chest with a Wing Edge. Back at the stairs down to the lava room, move right and jump over the rocks back and forth, the chest behind the spikes is empty. Step on the switch to move the rock and allow Party A to pass.