Where is allerdale Scotland?

the Scottish Highlands
Beautifully located in the Scottish Highlands, Alladale offers the unique opportunity to stay in one the UK’s largest privately owned rewilding and nature conservation projects. Set in 23,000 acres of mountains, forests, rivers and lochs, various accommodation styles are available.

Can I visit alladale?

A Visit To The Alladale Wilderness Reserve In The Highlands September 2020. Alladale’s dramatic glens, colourful hills, glistening rivers, many hill lochs, and native wildlife will capture your heart. Alladale has three fully catered lodges for exclusive use groups of between 2 and 30 guests.

Who owns allerdale?

Kay Carlin – Owner – Allerdale Court Hotel | LinkedIn.

Who owns Alladale in Scotland?

Paul Lister
Paul Lister, owner of the Alladale Estate has spent 20-year pursuing his vision of rewilding the 23,000-acre property in the Scottish Highlands.

Is there any wilderness in Scotland?

There are three areas, strung across Scotland’s North Western Highlands that are variously referred to as Scotland’s – and indeed Europe’s – “Last Great Wilderness” areas. The inaccessible peninsula of Knoydart, remote Wester Ross and Sutherland and Assynt.

Who owns alladale estate?

Paul Lister acquired the Alladale estate, 50 miles north of Inverness, in 2003 and immediately set about creating a wilderness reserve according to his perception of what these wild and beautiful places ought to look like. He can’t imagine them without the packs of wolves that once roamed free here.

Is there wild wolves in Scotland?

Official records indicate the last ‘Scottish’ wolf was killed in 1680 in Perthshire. However, other sources claim wolves survived in Scotland up until the 18th century and perhaps as late as 1888. Be that as it may, there now are calls from rewilding enthusiasts for reintroduction of the grey wolf into Scotland.

Are there wolves in the Cairngorms?

WOLVES ARE roaming free in the Cairngorms for the first time in 300 years, but farmers needn’t fret – they will receive double the market value for any livestock taken by this ‘top of the chain’ predator. International wildlife expert Roy Day was consulted by the park on how best to reintroduce the wolf.

What is the wildest part of Scotland?

Scotland is known for its rugged scenery and provides the perfect escape for someone wanting to go somewhere wild….From Remote and Dramatic to Lush and Abundant

  • St Kilda.
  • The Cairngorms Massif.
  • Cape Wrath.
  • Foula & Fair Isle (Shetland)
  • Fisherfield Forest.
  • The Isle of Rum.
  • Ardnamurchan.

Where is Glen Affric?

Glen Affric (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Afraig) is a glen south-west of the village of Cannich in the Highland region of Scotland, some 15 miles (25 kilometres) west of Loch Ness. The River Affric runs along its length, passing through Loch Affric and Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin.

How did Paul Lister make his money?

Paul Lister is famous for his plans to reintroduce wolves to the north at his Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Sutherland. The former businessman inherited his fortune after his family sold the UK’s largest furniture retailer MFI, before embarking on conservation work and establishing The European Nature Trust.