Where are you not allowed to conceal carry in Florida?

The following places are places in Florida where a legally owned firearm may not be carried – even with a concealed weapons permit- according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Any place of nuisance. Any police, sheriff or highway patrol station. Any detention facility, prison or jail.

What disqualifies you from concealed carry in Florida?

Failing to provide proof of proficiency with a firearm. Having been issued a domestic violence injunction or an injunction against repeat violence that is currently in force. Renouncement of U.S. citizenship. A dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.

Can you conceal carry in a bar in Florida?

Florida gun law states that you can carry with a permit in a restaurant, but not if it serves alcohol. If an establishment has a dedicated bar section, your gun is not welcome there. If it’s a fully licensed bar with no other purpose, like nightclubs, carrying is illegal.

Can I take my gun on vacation to Florida?

Florida law does allow a citizen to transport a weapon in a private vehicle, even if that citizen does not have a concealed weapon license. So, while you cannot carry the weapon on your person, you can at least have it nearby in your vehicle while traveling.

How much is a CCW in Florida?

Initial Application Fees

License Type Fingerprint Processing Fee Initial License Fee
Concealed Weapon or Firearm: Florida Resident $42 $55
Concealed Weapon or Firearm: Out of State Resident $42 $55
Florida Law Enforcement Officer: Active None $55
Florida Law Enforcement Officer: Retired within preceding year None None

Can you conceal carry in a doctor’s office in Florida?

Florida Statute section 394.458 states that “except as authorized by law” it is a third degree felony for any person to bring, carry, possess, or transport a “firearm or other dangerous weapon” Upon the grounds of any “hospital (or mental health facility) providing mental health services.” As a practical matter, almost …

Can you have a round in the chamber in Florida?

Can You Carry a Gun in Your Car in Florida? Even if you do not have a concealed weapons license, you can still have your firearm in your vehicle, and loaded with one in the chamber. However, the firearm must be securely encased. The only requirement is that the firearm be concealed.

Can I carry a gun in my center console in Florida?

To be securely encased, the firearm must be placed in a closed container. The glove box or center console of the car are both acceptable. A firearm cannot be placed loosely under a seat or between the seat and center console.

What are the requirements for a concealed carry permit in Florida?

Here is a full list of requirements to get a CCW in Florida. The eligibility requirements to get a CCW (CWP) or concealed weapons permit are as follows: You must be 21 years of age or older. You must be able to demonstrate competency with a firearm.

What are the concealed carry gun laws in Florida?

There is no required permit to carry shotguns or rifles under Florida law on gun. However, those wishing to carry handguns must apply for a license or permit to do so. To carry a concealed handgun, one must apply for a license to the Department of Agriculture.

What states honor Florida concealed carry permit?


  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Which states recognize Florida concealed weapons permit?

    The permit allows you to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Florida, although there are reciprocal states where your license would be valid, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington among many others. Florida is the second widest in reciprocity after Missouri.