Where are purmo radiators made?

The PURMO radiator soon became a market leader and, in the 70s, was bought by the Rettig Group. The company’s name was changed to Rettig Vårme and the factory moved to Peders in Jacobstad, where it is still based today, producing 900,000 units each year.

Who owns myson radiators?

Rettig ICC
Myson Radiators, owned by Rettig ICC, is the second-largest manufacturer of radiators in the UK market, incorporated in March 1960, and have a factory in Gateshead on the Team Valley estate.

What are the best radiators to buy?

What are the Best Radiators?

  • NRG Modern Vertical Radiator. The best radiator for value for money.
  • Milano Aruba. Compact radiator with an impressive heat output.
  • Elegant Modern Vertical Column Designer Radiator.
  • Henrad 110960 Type 11 SC 1003 Compact Radiator.
  • Wärme Designer Panel Heater.

Are Myson radiators any good?

Myson are trusted by consumers and engineers alike for providing excellent performing radiators, which have been keeping properties warm for years. The Select Compact models are a neat & compact radiator range that are perfect for use alongside low temperature central heating systems.

Who bought Quinn radiators?

RHP Bidco
Quinn Radiators, once part of Sean Quinn’s business empire, has been sold to a group of Irish industrialists. It has been bought by RHP Bidco, a company chaired by Tony Mullins, a former chief executive of radiators and plastics firm Barlo.

Who makes Myson boilers?

Baxi Potterton Myson sells and distributes heating and hot water products for the Irish market.

What is a softline radiator?

Stelrad Softline radiators are designed with style and functionality in mind. The Softline range features a characteristic curved top grille and end panels to create smooth lines. They have also been manufactured to eradicate movement once installed, providing a high quality and professional construction.