What were other names for the concentration camps?

concentration camp

  • gulag,
  • labor camp,
  • prison camp,
  • stalag,
  • work camp.

What is the opposite of concentration camps?

There are no categorical antonyms for concentration camp. The noun concentration camp is defined as: A camp where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners, prisoners of war, refugees etc., are detained for the purpose of confining them in one place, typically with inadequate or inhumane facilities.

What is a synonym for Gulag?

detention camp. forced-labor camp. killing fields. labor camp. prisoner-of-war camp.

What is the synonym of concentration?

close attention, close thought, attentiveness, application, industry, assiduousness, single-mindedness, absorption, engrossment. inattention, distraction. 2’this concentration of effort on field work’ focusing, centring, centralization, direction.

What is another word for death camp?

What is another word for death camp?

Auschwitz death factory
extermination camp killing fields

What’s the opposite of camp?

What is the opposite of camp?

leave clear
evacuate clear from
move out of

What is a antonym for camp?

“the living room was pure camp” Antonyms: tasteful. Synonyms: pack, ingroup, clique, summer camp, cantonment, inner circle, coterie, encampment, bivouac, refugee camp.

What does Gulag mean UK slang?

prison camp
(guːlæg ) Word forms: plural gulags. countable noun. A gulag is a prison camp where conditions are extremely bad and the prisoners are forced to work very hard.

What is Gulag Cod?

Welcome to the Gulag, a fight for survival where winning your Gunfight will grant you a second chance… while losing your Gunfight results in possible elimination. Upon your first death in Battle Royale matches, your Operator will be thrown into the Gulag. The Gulag chamber combat zone is updated from time-to-time.

What is a word for not focused?

Words related to unfocused blurred, dim, distorted, faint, foggy, hazy, misty, murky, obscure, unclear, vague, bleary, ill-defined, indefinite, indistinct, muffled, shadowy, blear, cloudy, fuzzy.

What is zeroed in?

1 : to direct all of one’s attention to (someone or something) Scientists are hoping to zero in on a cure. 2 : to aim something (such as a gun or camera) directly at (someone or something) The gunner zeroed in on the target.