What type of turtles live in Maryland?

13 Turtles Found in Maryland

  • Bog Turtle.
  • Wood Turtle.
  • Spotted Turtle.
  • Eastern Painted Turtle.
  • Eastern Box Turtle.
  • Diamondback Terrapin.
  • Northern Map Turtle.
  • Northern Red-Bellied Cooter Turtle.

What turtles are illegal to own in Maryland?


  • It is unlawful to take any Northern Map Turtle, Bog Turtle, Spiny Softshell, Wood Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Diamond-backed Terrapin or any.
  • Sea Turtle.
  • each: Eastern Box Turtle, Eastern Painted Turtle, Midland Painted Turtle, Eastern Mud Turtle, Northern Red-bellied Cooter or Stinkpot.

Can you keep a diamondback terrapin in Maryland?

Maryland has acted to protect Diamondback Terrapins. Effective July 1, 2007, it is unlawful to take or possess them for commercial purposes (Chapters 117 & 118, Acts of 2007; Code Natural Resources Article, sec. 4-902). Terrapin are sexually dimorphic, with females much larger than males.

Are Terrapins snapping turtles?

Unlike turtles and tortoises, terrapins remain relatively small. However, there are some giant species of terrapin out there, such as the snapping turtle (found in America, hence the use of the term ‘turtle’) which is capable of growing to over 60cm and weigh up to 80 kg. Terrapins are aggressive and will bite.

Where are wild turtles found in Maryland?

Eastern Mud turtles can mainly be found on Maryland’s coastal plains. They like shallow, slow-moving waters, especially swamps, tidal marshes, or bogs. They tend to move around on land a fair amount, not always staying near the water.

Can I keep a turtle I found?

Many reptile experts and enthusiasts will tell you not to keep a wild turtle as a pet, and they are right. It’s the same reason you may be told not to keep a frog you found in your pond, or a bunny you found in your backyard. Animals that live in the wild are not used to living boxed-up in a tank, cage, or hutch.

Why you should not keep a turtle?

Baby turtles carry a wide variety of infectious bacteria on their surface. One of these bacteria is Salmonella, it can cause serious gastrointestinal problems in humans. They lack the physical strength to strike back at you when you attempt to man-handle them, but these bacteria can send you straight to the hospital.

Can you keep a wild box turtle in Maryland?

To protect turtles, the law prohibits the removal of some species from the wild. It is also illegal to possess any turtle under 4 inches in length. Reptiles that have been bred in captivity, or which are not native to Maryland, may not be released into the wild.

Where do turtles go in the winter in Maryland?

They may stay hidden during the hottest part of the day but are still active during daylight hours. Box turtles brumate through the winter. They take shelter by burrowing up to two feet deep in dirt, mud, stream bottoms, stump holes, or mammal burrows. A winter brumation burrow is called a hibernacula.

How long does a terrapin turtle live?

Pond slider: 30 years

Why is Maryland mascot a turtle?

UMD adopted the diamondback terrapin as its symbol because they’re native to the nearby Chesapeake Bay, and the student newspaper was already known as The Diamondback. The Class of 1933 saved its money — it even held the senior prom on campus — to pay for the 300-pound bronze statue.

How to identify a terrapin turtle?

Habitat Helps. Looking at a chelonian’s habitat can help you identify whether or not it’s a terrapin.

  • Color Concerns. Terrapins are much more brightly colored than turtles or tortoises,who are generally a solid brown or green.
  • Thinking About Feet.
  • Shelling Out.
  • Is a terrapin a snapping turtle?

    Snapping turtles are generally not considered terrapins, however there is room for debate. There is some confusion about what a terrapin actually is, but a commonly accepted meaning of the term is that terrapins are merely turtles which live is brackish water, as opposed to turtles…

    Is a terrapin a reptile?

    A terrapin is a reptile which has a thick shell covering its body and which lives partly in water and partly on land.

    Is terrapin the scientific name for a turtle?

    The diamondback terrapin or simply terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) is a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal tidal marshes of the eastern and southern United States, and in Bermuda. It belongs to the monotypic genus Malaclemys.