What scale is 7b9?

harmonic minor scale
Dominant 7 flat ninth chords (7b9) are generally related to the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale known as Phrygian dominant scale, which makes it the most obvious choice for improvising over 7b9 chords.

What is a 7b9 chord?

Dominant seventh flat ninth chords (7b9) are built by lowering the ninth of dominant 9 chords by one semitone, giving the harmonic formula : 1 (root), 3 (major third), 5 (perfect fifth), b7 (minor seventh) and b9 (minor ninth).

What scale has a flat 9?

Romanian major
Romanian major, also known as lydian dominant flat 2 or flat 9, is a musical scale, noted for its flattened 2nd and sharpened fourth degrees, the latter a distinctive feature of Romanian traditional music. A C Romanian major scale has the notes C, D♭, E, F♯, G, A, B♭, which is 1, ♭2, 3, ♯4, 5, 6, ♭7.

What is a flat 9?

At its basic level, the flatted ninth is the 9th interval of the major scale, lowered by a half step. Often times, jazz improvisation utilizes the flat 9 as a color tone on top of a dominant chord. This article goes a bit more in depth.

What is a flat 9 chord?

The Ab9 (A flat 9) chord contains the notes Ab, C, Eb, Gb and Bb. It is produced by taking the 1 (root), 3, 5, b7 and 9 of the Ab Major scale. The 9th note of the scale (Bb) is the same as the 2nd note, but we refer to it as a 9, as this implies that the chord is a dominant 7 chord (1, 3, 5, 7) with a 9 included.

How many Hendrix chords are there?

Jazzy Jimmy Hendrix Chords Here are four chord shapes to check out on your guitar, the first being the classic “Hendrix Chord,” E7#9, with the next three being jazzy variations of this important voicing.

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Is it possible to modulate to a m7b5 chord?

So the second chord, Dm7, has its dominant chord which is A7. You wouldn’t in your right mind modulate TO a m7b5 chord. You might do that kind of thing if you were in a metal band and had no friends and were a bit stoned, but it’s not the kind of thing a Dragons’ Den watcher would do.

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