What questions should I ask a secondary school?

Questions all parents should ask when choosing the right secondary / grammar school

  • 1 – How much homework per day do you get?
  • 2 – What happens on wet days?
  • 3 – What subject do you like least and why?
  • 4 – How often do you have to share stuff?
  • 5 – In science, when do you get to dissect something like a rat?

How many choices should I have for secondary school?

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be very stressful for both the parents and the students. You get to choose 6 schools. Most people have at least 1 that they prefer or are particularly drawn to.

How do schools allocate places?

Schools make decisions about who is offered a place based on their admissions criteria, which are drawn up by the Board of Governors and published on the school’s website. Criteria vary from school to school but they must be fair, clear and based on facts.

Should you let your child choose their secondary school?

While it’s not advisable to let your child have the casting vote in choosing a school (most, after all, just want to go where their friends are going), do give her a say in the decision. ‘I took Lauren to visit four possible schools,’ says Jill, whose daughter is 12.

What would you consider when choosing a school?

How to choose a primary school

  1. Your child’s interests. Each school has its own programmes and co-curricular activities.
  2. Travel time and distance to school. Selecting a school near your home saves you time and travel costs.
  3. Mother Tongue Languages.
  4. School culture.
  5. Special educational needs.

What questions should I ask on a secondary school open day?

Five things to ask when visiting a secondary school open day

  • Ask about class sizes.
  • Ask about parent-teacher communication.
  • Ask the pupils what they think.
  • Ask about wrap around care and after school clubs.
  • Ask how the school challenges high achievers and supports those who require extra help.

How likely are you to get your first choice secondary school?

One in three children in London missed out on a place at their top choice of secondary school, figures from the Pan London Admissions Board show. Across the capital’s 33 boroughs, only 66% of families were given their first choice of secondary school this year, compared with 68% last year.

Do schools know order of preference?

Put your school choices in order of preference – if more than one of your choices is able to offer you a place, you will only be offered the school highest on your list. The schools don’t know where else you have applied, and don’t know if you have put them first or last – only the local authority knows that.

Do you apply for secondary school in Year 5?

Many local education authorities now encourage parents to apply for their child’s school online. You’ll be given information about how to apply from your school at the end of Year 5 or the beginning of Year 6. You should make a careful note of the application deadline.