What is the world record for clicks in 1 second?

Normally people make an average of 5 clicks, but to reach a good level, you will have to make some effort. As impossible as it may seem, the world record can be broken. The current world record is 22cps which is not too much to break.

What is the average spacebar CPS?

You need to hit (press and release) your spacebar as many times as possible before time’s up. You can try as many rounds as you want. Just make sure to get your best score (CPS – Click Per Second). According to our big data, the average Spacebar CPS is 6.27.

What is a jitter click?

When you jitter-click, your hand is basically vibrating, but hard enough to click the mouse. You want your finger to touch the left click button, but your wrist to be lifted off of the mouse slightly. It cannot be in a relaxed position. Make sure to take breaks often.

How fast can I hit the space bar?

How fast can you click 10 seconds?

The 10-second click speed test is for those that wish to increase the game time interval by 5 seconds. How Fast Can You Click in 10 Seconds? The world record for the very best number of clicks in 10 seconds is 12.1 CPS.

How many clicks in 10 seconds?

What is the most amount of clicks in 10 seconds? Tom Andre Seppola clicked three mouse buttons a total of 402 times in 10 seconds. He used the website www.pacraig.com/ click to document the feat. (This record was also performed for 30 seconds in which he clicked 1,045 times, averaging 348 clicks per 10 seconds.)

How to know you click fast?

Visit clickspeedtester.com from your browser.

  • Click on the ‘Click Here’ button to begin the click speed test known as the right click CPS test.
  • The timer and click counter will appear as soon you click the Start button.
  • Keep clicking as fast as you can until the timer is complete.
  • Who can click faster game?

    The data suggest that Allerd click the mouse 1,051 times in 10 seconds. In 2010, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway held the world record for the maximum number of clicks in thirty seconds. Seppola completed 830 clicks in 30 seconds. Apart from competition, most play the game to relax their mind when they feel stressed.